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YES! i now they ARE be completely different. One is an IEM and the other OE but... my parents are about to give me my Xmas present :D.

I currently used Senn HD 555 with mods. And really like them. And the EarPods that came with my iphone (mainly for exercise at gym). I would be using them from iphone 5s ipod classic (7th gen) and macbook air.

I really like my senn but want something for more on the go without compromising SQ.

Heard the xba 4 are great but am not a big fan of Inears and think something as heave would make me like them even less. I do love my circumaural headphones. Always have and think they are perfect for travel. But have heard that great as they may be the momentum aren't quite perfect in SQ.

What do u think? any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!