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DigiZoid ZO FS & ZO FS+ (a.k.a. ZO3) Updates & Discussion Thread - Page 10

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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post

Why must they be nuts? People are buying $500+ amps and $1000+ DAP these days. If digiZoid actually makes a good enough amp for $250, I'll say more power to them for taking the game to the next level. That however doesn't mean that they shouldn't make a cheaper model to cover the different price bucket.

Reading the somewhat informative chat transcript, it does sound like a major improvement over the original ZO, in which case it may be worth it. I'll still wait for impressions unless the pre order is worth it.

So many of us signed up for the newsletter and did not know this "event" was taking place. Wonder why it didn't get email blasted.
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$250 is quite a jump over the original ZOs but this does sound like a much more sophistictated product.

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Why are people comparing the price to other amps, also price compared to older models.They are selling a unique product here.


"ZO3 has a full color OLED screen where each bass, treble, and volume setting is set by number (precise adjustment).The audio components were all specially selected and tested to be the best available audiophile grade (ultra low noise suppression etc.). Plus the ZO3 has (now patented) Full Spectrum SmartVektor technology. 32 settings for both the bass and treble providing 1024 different sound profiles. Theres a lot more. As you know, over a years worth of development."


I think its cool technology, but this time I wish the finalize the product and dont use customers as test bench.Hopefully they have better distribution service in Europe which can also take care of after sales support.

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Indeed, this is not just a revised ZO2, you get better ampage/sound quality and much lower noise floor (this is probably where it might even kill the competition, we will see as it sounds like every component they picked the amount noise it had was one pof) and many new features. 

The only thing I'm very unsure about is the OLED display, I think ZO might do better without the screen to keep the costs down. The display needs high enough usage/purpose which it will be worth it which I personally don't expect it will be. If it had a GUI system with various advanced adjustments like an EQ and crossfeed etc adjustment then sure but it sounds like it will have a limited purpose in ZO3.

That's maybe an idea for the future, to offer EVEN more configurability of various kinds. I'm a configurability freak myself so the more options I have at my hand the merrier. The ZO have the potential to become the gadget with the most configurability as a portable amp (well it probably already is) that is more than just gimmick.

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User would find it difficult to use 32 settings for both the bass and treble without oled.

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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

User would find it difficult to use 32 settings for both the bass and treble without oled.

I personally wouldn't need it as I adjust the bass on the ZO2 like, go from the lowest setting while playing a EDM track and keep increasing it until I feel this starts to become slightly too much and then back off 2 or so settings and leave it there and usually never adjust it again until I change headphone or source.

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yea who needs an led. adjust it until it sounds right...

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It would be nice to be able to "resume" back to a setting, though.


Especially now that bass AND treble are adjustable, without a screen I think I would probably confuse myself eventually. 


Doing the bass/treble adjustments on the Fiio E17 is a dream due to the screen.

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$150 would have guaranteed a blind preorder from me, but $250 means this is no longer a neat toy and starts being something serious -- I'll be waiting to see some reviews first.


Still holding out some hope that it'll be a smashing success and everyone loves it.

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I just wanted to let you guys know, I'm in no way shape or form connected to Digizoid, but I am the SMT Process Engineer for their PCB/Circuit board provider, and I can tell you that this product is real, as I was working on the program today for our automated surface mount line. It should be on our line sometime this week. We aren't doing the whole box build at this time, just building the bare PCB's and populating the circuit board.


To be honest, even though I am pretty much an audio nut, I'm not really into headphones, and I didn't even know what this product did until today. I realized the ZO3 is what we are going to build as I saw the name on their bill of materials, and once I realized what it was, I can see the similarities to the ZO2 I believe it's called. I think it's cool we're building an audio device here in Arizona, as nearly every thing like this is built in China.


I don't think I should say much more as I don't speak for, or represent Digizoid, just letting you know the product is real, and we're getting ready to start building it. I couldn't say when they'll actually be ready to ship from Digizoid.

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^ I wonder if this isn't some clever marketing strategy by digiZoid. :p :D 

Karen is that you? ... Just joking. ;) 

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You know, I actually wondered if anyone would think that. ha ha!


We're actually just waiting on the parts kit from them, as they are supplying all of the components minus the bare PCB's which we built. As soon as we get the kit, we'll start setting it up to run them.

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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

^ I wonder if this isn't some clever marketing strategy by digiZoid. :p :D 

Karen is that you? ... Just joking. ;) 


 Nope... that wasn't me! :-)

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PRE-ORDERS are up as well as new updated website with info & specs! Also Live chat tomorrow on facebook 12pm MST!


Guess what everyone... the day has finally arrived for you to pre-order ZO3 (now named ZO FS for ZO FullSpec) —> www.digizoid.com

P.S. We'll be hosting another LIVE CHAT tomorrow at 12pm MST here on Facebook! So if you have questions about ZO FS / ZO FS+, or just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from our fans!


ZO it begins... :D

Awesome specs btw! Dat output impedance and power output!

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Preorder came out today, and I am. In! Sold my Arrow 3G and figured why not.. Hope it's as good as the marketing makes it look!

I'm a ready...........
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