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Fake E09K?

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I've just received my E09K. I'm all happy and ready to try it out when I noticed a sticker on the box which said I should check on fiio website for the product's authenticity. So I did. The website says it is fake. WTF???


I bought it through "fiio shop" (through which seems to be the same official german distributor that is listed on fio website.


I wonder if it's just a software problem.


Have you ever used the "Authenticity Check" feature on their site? Did it work for you?

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I've used it for four different FiiO products, all genuine, three bought from Amazon, one from advancedmp3, from the UK

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That sucks.

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It does. Contact Amazon? They should reimburse you (in the UK the contract is with the seller of the goods...same where you are?)

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I'm just hoping it's just an error and it's all genuine since the overall build/packaging quality seems to be too high for a fake. I'll contact both Fiio and the retailer and see what they have to say.

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Good luck! You did enter the code correctly?! Just a thought... :-)

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