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I'm new here and just recently been introduced to quality headphones, by that I mean anything but the generic ones I used to buy. I got a pair of HD681 EVO couple of months or so ago and have been enjoying them so far. However, after much use the leather earpads have started to harden but not crack yet. I'm kinda lost about how to make them soft again. I've heard using shampoo/conditioner might help but I'm not sure if they are talking about the hair products or for leather products like for use in shoes etc. Another thing I would like to know is how do I remove the ear pads of the 681 EVO?


I've had past experience of the leather pads hardening but on a different headphone, the ATH-RE70. I've had them longer than the 681 and the ear pads are very hard and starting to crack due to sweat and oil from my face. I live in a generally warm place and have my headphones on most of the time I'm in front of the computer.


Thanks in advance.