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DAC: Steinberg UR22 vs Schiit Modi

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Hello all,

I need a XLR microphone amp (UR22) but I also need a (for its price) good DAC (for HD600). My question: can I use the UR22 as a DAC or is it not good enough and the Modi would be a better choice? I'd like to use the UR22 because it has DAW specific functionality for the microphone, but I do not want hold back the HD600 capabilities.

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I would also like to know the difference in quality between a dedicated DAC (like the Schiit Modi) versus an audio interface (like the Steinberg UR22). I currently own the UR22 and it is able to drive my DT880 250ohm headphones, but I am wondering if an additional investment in the Modi/Magni combo is worth it.

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I ordered the Modi now (+ Crack as amp), but I may still need an XLR input for microphone. If I get one I'll do a comparison and reply here.

But again, if someone has an DAC: ODAC or Modi and DAW: UR22 or 2i2 (or similar) and can compare them and post if a dedicated DAC is worth it, would be nice.

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If the UR22 will drive the HD600, and it looks like it will according to clouden, then no, you don't need a dedicated DAC.


The conversion as carried out by any halfway competent audio interface will sound at least as good. If not better.


How can I be so sure?


One of my interfaces is a 4 year old MOTU Ultralite. It offers 10 channels in and 14 channels out. So when I first got it I looped the audio up to 5 times and recorded the result. That's ADC>DAC>ADC>DAC>ADC>DAC>ADC>DAC. I'm not going to claim no one can tell the difference between the original and iteration 5 (to avoid a fight) but it must be extremely difficult. I couldn't. Not by ear alone.


Fortunately some kind soul on gearslutz did the same and posted his test files. So you can also test yourself.



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Thanks for the info. Good to know these DAWs would be enough.

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