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Advice on headphones, IEMs and amps for my music

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I am located in the UK so all budgets will be in Great British Pounds. Please keep this in mind before making any recommendations.


I currently don't have a pair of headphones and only use my Zero Audio Carbo Basso IEMs with my PC and my phone. I have an Asus Xonar DG sound card inside my computer for listening at home. I am looking for a small amp or (better) internal soundcard for using headphones or IEMs on my PC when at home, a pair of headphones and a pair of IEMs. 


I've had Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 headphones and M-Audio Q40s in the past and I found that the recessed mids on the DT770s made me dislike them quite a bit and the Q40s were putting too much pressure on a particular point on my jaw, even with velour pads. I listen to the same music on my PC and my phone, so obviously I am looking for products that suit my preferred genres. The music genres I listen to are mainly Korean pop, dance, trance, drum and bass and pop music in general. I would say that I listen to Korean pop music the most by far, mainly female groups / singers (Sistar, Girls' Day, Girls Generation etc.). The music I listen to does have quite a bit of bass depending on artist / track, but I don't want to sacrifice mids and highs to have Beats-level bass.


For the headphones, I would like a full-sized circumaural closed back pair of headphones. I share a room so open headphones aren't an option unfortunately. I have a fairly large head (XL hat size) as well as wearing glasses and having long ears. Comfort is of paramount importance to me. I just want a pair of headphones that you can wear for multiple hours on end without them putting pressure on my jaw, head or ears. I'd say budget is around £150 GBP for the headphones.


Now, onto the IEMs. I LOVE the sound signature of my Carbo Bassos; there's enough bass for my tastes without sacrificing mids as well. I love that they're not overly large / obstructive because I can't even tell they're in my ears most of the time. The only thing that lets them down to be honest is driver flex. It's so annoying to hear the 'crinkle' sound every time I put them in my ears (Sometimes the sound on one side is dead as well until the driver flexes back out again). I want something that is a similar sound signature and just as comfortable / unobstructive but perhaps having better build quality and better sound overall (Hate using the word better but it's the only thing I can think of; I want the same sound signature but upgraded if you will). Budget for these is anything under £100 GBP.


Finally, the amp / soundcard. I want something that can drive say 250 Ohm headphones. A sound card would be more convenient as I only intend on using the headphones at home on my PC but if there's a better amp for the price then I'd consider that. Budget for this is around £100 GBP.


If you need to know any more information please let me know.



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The problem you're going to run into is that almost all closed back headphones have recessed mids. Maybe the Beyerdynamic T5P would work but those are like $1500. Basically the second you go to closed back you get more bass and treble and less mid in general, and you have to go pretty high up the price scale to get something with decent mids. You may be stuck using an EQ with something like the DT770s.

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Another alternative for me would be to sink £150-£250 into some IEMs that suit my music and whatnot but not sure if anything would fit the bill.

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