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Charlotte, NC Meet: April 19th 2014  

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Hello all,

This will serve as the official thread for the 2014 Charlotte, NC Head-Fi meet. Please post if you would like to attend as well as what gear you would like to bring along.


Additionally, There will be a room rate of $55 a night at the Days Inn available to meet attendees planning to stay in the area overnight.

Date and Time: Saturday, April 19th 2014 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.


Location: Days Inn of Cornelius, NC Address: 19901 Holiday Ln, Cornelius, NC


Directions from I-77 Northbound:

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Directions from I-77 Southbound:

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In addition to normal headphone mod lineup:


Cavalli Liquid Glass

Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir

Burson Conductor




Demo Loaners from iFi Audio Supplied by Avatar Acoustics


iFi Micro iCan, iDAC, iLink, and iUSB on iRack

iPurifier with Gemini and Mercury USB cables



JWahl - Eddie Current Super 7, Anedio D1, AKG K712, Schiit Modi.

dailydoseofdaly + guest - Schiit Mjolnir + Gungnir, Stax SR-009 + Kevin Gilmore Blue Hawaii (optional - Objective 2 amp and Project Ember amp).

daverich4 - Woo Audio 22, Sennheiser HD800.

Trae - Audio Technica ATH-AD2000MKIV (Modded AD900 with AD2000 drivers), Fiio E17.

ardgedee - Mac laptop, Cary Xciter DAC, Jan Meier-style crossfeed box, McIntosh MAC4100 receiver, Violectric HPA-V100 headphone amp, Sony CD3000, Hifiman HE-6, Audio-Technica ATH-7 electret headphones,  Leckerton UHA-6, RSA Blackbird, Hidition NT-6 Pro, Noble 4C, Various homemade cables.

Head-FiED - Logitech UE6000, ATH-M50, Superlux 668b, Koss DJ Pro 100s TB edition.

DannyB - Moth 2A3 amp with RCA monoplates, Woo Audio WEE, Jade Electrostats, Cary 306 SACD player, (maybe Grado HP1i).

dxanex - Bottlehead Crack + Speedball amp, Sennheiser HD700, HD650, Hifiman HE-400.

Techfish + guest - Beyer DT-770 80 ohm, ATH-A900x, AKG K240 Studio + Zu Mobius Cable, Sony MDR-XB500, Monoprice 8323, Fiio E17 + L7.

RastaDolphin - Technics SL-J2 turntable, CD player, Audeze LCD-2, modded JVC HARX-700, AKG K240 monitors, O2/ODAC.

Prod - Schiit Modi, Fiio E09k + E7, Beyerdynamic DT-990 pro 250 ohm, Philips Fidelio L1, Sennheiser HD25-1 II.

fatcat28037 - Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD player, Yamaha A-S300 amp, AKG K-1000 bal., WA-22 amp, Grado RS-1 bal., Denon D7000 bal.  Hifiman HE-400v2.

MrBrightside97 + guest - Schiit Modi, MKII(?), Hifiman HE-400, Sennheiser HD-598, Grado SR-80i, Fostex T50-RP Mad Dog.


LNCPapa - Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies, Maverick Tubemagic D1, AKG K240, Q701, Philips Fidelio X1, Soundmagic HP100, Audeze LCD-2.2 Bamboo.


Sonido + guest - Questyle CMA800R, Audioengine D3, Bottlehead Quickie w/ PJCCS, Bottlehead Crack /w Speedball, Emotiva Mini-X A-100, HD800, AKG K812, Koss ESP-950 (Maybe) Emotiva DC-1 DAC.


Nimbostruck14 - V-Moda M-100, Westone 3 IEM.


Cheerwino - Mad Dog V3.22, NAD Viso HP50, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80, O2 amp /w WAU 16-1000 PS, ODAC, Scott Nixon NOS DAC, Hornshoppe Truth Buffered Preamp.


Mshenay + possible guest - Audio-GD NFB-10ES2, IBasso PB2, Hifiman HM801, Audio Technica W1000X, Modded Denon D2K, Hifiman HE-4.


Bilgates - Fiio E17, E12, Denon D7000.


Slim311 - Sennheiser HD202, NXG HTDJ, JVC S400, Fiio E6.


CJs06 - Mac Mini, Schiit Modi, Vali, Lyr, Bifrost, Beyer DT990 Pro, Philips Fidelio X1, Sony MDR-1R, Ultrasone DJ1-Pro, Grado SR-60.


TurtleEars - Sennheiser HD545, Amperior or Onkyo headphones.


Afghan Vet - Fostex TH900, Peachtree Nova.


Hazard28 - Hifiman HE-500, Unknown amp/dac.


vc1187 + guest - Hifiman HE-6, Parasound A23 (for HE-6) LCD-2 Rev. 2, Eximus DP1.


MattTCG - Sennheiser HD650, Modified Crack /w SB, Schiit Lyr & Bifrost Uber.


KmanChu - NAD M51 fed by Yellowtec Puc2 converter, iFi Stack: iUSB Power, iDAC, iCAN; Mr Speakers Alpha Dog, Sennheiser Amperior.


Zennheiser - Ray Samuels P-51, FiiO E-17/EO9K, Ultrasone 900's, Sennheiser 650's, iPhono preamp.


jellis-7 - Hifiman HE-500.


Bilgates - Denon AH-D7000.


dempseyonline - B&W P7, ATH-M50, Grado 225i custom, Hifiman HE-400, and Fiio E12.


dpump and Scott Nixon

Looking forward to a great time and getting to meet new Head-Fiers and share some headphone goodness.

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I'm available any time march/april

Probably be me and a guest

I can bring a schiit mjolnir, schiit gungnir(if the statement dac is out by then I will aim to bring that), Stax sr007 mk1, sold the srm-323s I've been using with it yesterday but there is a badass ?mystery¿ amp that I'm going to audition, if everything works out I will add it to the list on the 28th

Also if there is interest I can bring an objective 2 amp and a project ember amp that will surely be done by then
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I'm in. WA22/HD800's.
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I guess I'm in. I'll be bringing my ATH-AD2000MKIV, FiiO E17, laptop with some music, and my receiver (speaker l/r outputs power the headphones). 

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I'm interested. No idea what I'm bringing yet, sorry.

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Definitely interested.  I'm still a newbie to this forum so hopefully the decided date and time comes soon.  I'm a college senior and my schedule is quite tight, but I happen to have Friday's free!  I have a pair of Logitech UE6000s, custom ATH-M50s(with detachable cable), Superlux 668b, Koss DJpro100s TB edition. I'll be bringing my laptop and 7th Gen 120GB Ipod Classic if I'm actually good to go.   I'm excited that the location is in Charlotte, NC since I'm only around an hour away!  Hope to see you guys there!

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I will plan to be there and will bring my Moth 2A3 amp with RCA monoplates along with my Woo Wee to feed my Jade electrostatics. A Cary 306SACD will be the source. I may also bring my Grado HP1i.

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Count me in as well. DailydoseofDaly, I wouldn't mind trying out the Project Ember :) I've been considering building one myself.


I will bring my Bottlehead Crack + Speedball with Senn HD 700 and HD 650. I'll also bring the HE-400 in case people would like to try it on their setup (I find that it's not the best match on the Crack, IMO).

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I'll probably go assuming I don't have a conflict with whatever date finally gets decided. I'll probably bring a guest.


Gear I'd bring:


Beyerdynamic DT-770 80ohm

Audio-Technica ATH-A900x

AKG K240 Studio + Zu Mobius Mk. II Cable

Sony MDR-XB500

Monoprice 8323 + Comfort mods (Velour pads & headband)

Fiio E17 + L7

Macbook Pro w/ Decibel & Flac collection


Anything else I'm able to obtain I'll add to the list.

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Planning on attending depending on the date. I'll bring my Technics SL-J2 turntable, CD player, LCD2, open-modded JVC HARX-700, AKG k240 Monitors, and my O2/ODAC.
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I would love to attend as long as nothing else pops up on whatever date this meet happens on. Will likely bring...



Schiit Modi

Fiio E09k + E7

Beyer DT990 pro 250ohm

Philips Fidelio L1

Senn HD 25-1 II

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Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD > ((Yamaha A-S300 amp > AKG-K1000 bal.) Woo 22 > (Grado RS-1 bal., Denon D7000 bal.))

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I'm in with a guest. I can bring my desktop rig: Modi --> MKII --> HE-400, HD598, SR-80i, Mad Dog (newest rev.)

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First post updated.  Some of the Charlotte area meet veterans will be scouting out a location after the holidays.  It will likely be just north of Charlotte along the I-77 for easier access for anyone coming from the North. Looking forward to seeing everyone there who can make it.  First time meets are always lots of fun.

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It would be a long drive for me, but I might have to come to hear the K1000s :D

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