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'[HD Remastered] Weezer - Say It Ain't So' What do you think?

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Hello Head-Fi,


Here's my remastered version of Weezer's 'Say It Ain't So'


I'm self-taught and have been remastering for almost 4 years now.

Tell me what you think! :D


*PM me if you'd like a 24-bit FLAC*

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It sounds really good. Nice job. I'm very familiar with the track since I bought the CD when it first came out.


The most noticeable thing to me is the extra powerful bass. I listened to it using my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones which are already known for having strong bass, so the bass was powerful. Everything still sounded very clear, though, and the guitars and cymbals and stuff didn't get washed out.


I also listened to it using my desktop speakers with a 10" powered subwoofer sitting right under my desk, and it really thunders.


Both my headphones and my desktop speakers with subwoofer are already very strong in the bass department, so everything I listen to probably has more bass than most people are hearing. When combined with your version of the track, there is bass for days and days... Nothing wrong with that... :smile: 

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Oh snap someone replied! I thought the bass might be an issue. Unfortunately, my Logitech Z-2100's crapped out on me (an resistor in the control pod burnt out... but on the upside, it took 6 years of heavy use to break it) so, I'm currently mastering with my Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's which have a very flat frequency response. The M-50's were my second choice but, the 380's serve me well. I guess it's just a matter of learning their sound. The bass is heavier because I moved the bass threshold up to ~135Hz to add more depth to the guitar distortion. Then, I took the most popular earbuds on the market (generic iPod earbuds) to suite the general public more but, I'm just generally not gonna touch the bassline on any song unless I really have to and at that point, I'll make sure to lower the output signal by 0.5-1.0dB. I appreciate your feedback!

 I actually have an updated version of Say It Ain't So which has less bass thud... if you're interested :atsmile: 


On a side note, I'm currently remastering 'Deadmau5 - Strobe' and have some kickass results (cleanest looking spectrogram EVER) but there's this leftover artifact from the noise reduction process that takes place @ ~0.1sec after the mid-range bass thud. I suspect it's the reverb resonance and if I increase the threshold on my noise reduction plugin then it sounds unnatural. I'm trying any solution I think of and playing around with other plugins but the problem frequencies are so faint and spaced out that I can't eliminate/suppress it using conventional methods without ruining the integrity of the overall song. It's driving me crazy. Any advice?


SPECTROGRAM PHOTO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ia3uaqepmrcxqpz/Strobe%20ARTIFACTS.png

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Forgot to add audio snippet of the problem area. Sorry



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