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iPod 5.5G Problem (disorted)

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If I put in my headphones (AKG K450) in the headphone jacket, I hear a hiss in the background (with no music on and with music on) and the bass is very disorted if I use rockbox to set it higher (can't go further than +4db) and this is without equalizer on. If I use the default settings it doesn't sound good either. Maybe the headphone jack is broken, the headphones are underpowered or because the iPod is old the chip isn't working correctly anymore?


So I decided to plugin some old garbage earbuds, I didn't hear a hiss, but the sound quality was horrible (but that was because of the earbuds).


Does using an amp like the Fioo E6 fix this problem?

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If you connect the amp to the line out connector (the one used for charging) you would bypass the amp and headphone socket so it should fix it, but there is a possibility you've somehow damaged the DAC part, which it wouldn't fix.


Do you know anyone with an LOD cable and amp you could borrow and test before buying your own?

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Thanks for replying,



I have ordered the Fiio E6 + the LOD cable (I can always return those two, so that's not really an issue). Hopefully this will fix it...

I really hope that the DAC part isn't broken, I used a couple of different headphones (that were more powerful than the ones in my first post and the sound was great without hiss but without bass and eq (because if I activate that the audio gets disorted). The hiss (with more powerful headphones) is coming from the headphone amp inside the iPod I think.


I will report back if this helped.


*Fingers crossed*

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Ok I have recieved the items, the hiss and everything is gone. However I am dissapointed by the bass, I am done tweaking all day. My Galaxy S2 + Poweramp delivers way better bass. I think I am going to return the cables.

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Do you think that the battery (that's 7 years old) might be the problem also? I bought a new one for 5 euro's. This is my last stand.

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