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I'm looking for a portable DAC with headphone amp suitable for IEMs. My main phones are the Shure SE846 at the moment. The DAC should be usable both on the go with my iPod Classic (latest model, modded with 240G hard drive) and with PCs and Macs. (Android support would be a nice bonus. Does that require anything special from a USB DAC or will it use the same protocol as a PC?)


I currently have the following models on my list:

  • VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon
  • Sony PHA-2
  • CEntrance HiFi-M8


Does anyone have thoughts on the four I'm considering for my use case? Are there any other models I should look at?


I also considered these:

  • CypherLabs Theorem 720: From what I read here, it seems to have too high a noise floor and volume imbalance at low volumes, making it less suited for IEMs
  • Fostex HP-P1: No USB DAC support, as far as I can tell



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