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Originally Posted by Capn Slow View Post

Thanks for sharing the tunes everyone.  I love the eclectic spread of music in this thread; discovering new music is on reason I'm here.  TJ Elite, I really appreciated your point of view, and of course the music.  I admit, it would be unlikely for me to find those short of random searching; I encourage everyone not to be afraid to post the rare and unusual.

It's nice to hear you have an appreciation for a wide range of styles. Like I said I haven't heard all that much dubstep during my life so far, but there are probably a few more things I could share. However, I'm not currently on my Windows PC which has my entire digital music library on it (over a hundred days of (legit) music) and I can't possibly remember everything off the top of my head so I'll have to look into that some other day. I also have some of my electronic music simply labeled as "Electronic" instead of a more specific genre so it'll take a bit more than a simple search. Here are however two pretty random tracks that I happen to have on my Mac's hard drive.



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I found this thread while I was searching for some dubstep threads. I found quite a few but this seemed liked the most legit and coolest one with a lot of links for some new beats! I knew about this website for quite a long time but only now joined!
But anyway I have heard of quite a few for example the skrillex songs I knew, and some of the other songs but I'm glad when I found out about some new ones too. I will be posting some links in my next post I just wanted to say hey.
Good thread.
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Whats up guys. Nice to see that you wanted to join in @dubfreak. We always appreciate new people posting. Make sure you tell some friends or people you know to come check it out and learn some new Dub. I cant wait to see those new posts. If you want to learn some new stuff just ask for some recommendations and someone will pick it up whether its myself or somebody else. Also, I have noticed that Tj elite has some really, really cool stuff as well as capn slow and all the other people that post to this thread. Make sure you check them all out. Peace!

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Hey again. Here are the links as promised!

Im going to start off with a favorite of mine. Its called "Dub King"

Here is an HD one 

Here is the original one 

Its by a popular Dubstep channel (I think from Brittan? If im wrong correct me)

called UKF.


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Whats up guys. Great song @dubfreak. Cap'n slow actually already made a post about that on the past page. Yes modestep is from the UK, from London actually. Dub king is a rather unusual song for them as they usually make some more chill stuff like sunlight. Anyway, I wanted to make quick song post of one of my more favorite dub step songs of all time. We all know datsik is the king of dub and modulated bass lines. So what happens when you take one part datsik and one part make it bun dem-skrillex and blend them together. I am fan of the whole reggae/dubstep scene but for some people its just a required taste and what better song to wet you taste buds then this. Check it out.

 With mc zulu's vocals and datsik's hard drops combined to make this a absolutly amazing song. There is a smoothness of the song that is different than what we are used to with dubstep. I actually find that quite bit of datsik's stuff is very, very smooth where as skrillex is usually more of a crazy fast synth and bass hits. But whatever you like this song is sure to please you. Make sure to keep checking this thread out for new stuff as well as full song breakdowns. Peace out.

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Originally Posted by MedicalPartisan View Post

I just spent about four to five hours on SoundCloud and got about 40 new tracks. I wasn't click-happy; I took time in picking tracks I really liked. I've liked and favorited all of them on my Soundcloud (@wdaleherring) so you don't have to search for them all yourself. Most of this is what I consider melodic dubstep/electronic. If you like that genre I highly recommend peeping some of these tunes!


Soundcloud tells me it doesn't know you, is the link correct? Also, did you download the music from soundcloud or did you purchase it?

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I've been a moderate fan of dubstep since the day I heard the dubstep mix of Foster the People's Pumped Up Kicks.

Which is just a year ago. I would call myself a noob though, and I don't exclusively hear to dubstep.


My favorite two have been from Noisia and Fytch (if you probably have heard about them), so here you go.

P.S. I love rattling bass, or crazy drops. maybe a lil bit filthy, so I called.


Little Boots - Earthquake (Fytch Remix). I've been a fan of female vocals on electronic musics, and this one screams 'this is what I've been talking about' first time hearing.



Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix). This is probably a filthy dubstep, with crazily rattling bass all the way through the bass drop. I'd recommend this to the original version.



Also, my chart's champion, Noisia - Red Heat. I wouldn't call this dubstep (more like drum and bass), but so the fluctuating bass is very fun indeed.



Sorry for mediocre sounds, though.

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Okay I finally took a look through my iTunes library. As I suspected not much more that's worthwhile that I have to share at the moment, but here are a few thing that caught my eye.



I would assume that everyone browsing this thread is already familiar with Sub Focus and Seven Lions (he has been mentioned in this thread), but sometimes we people make too many assumption and there might very well be total dubstep scrubs browsing this thread, so here's two songs that I don't remember seeing posted here.





The next two are both a bit less conventional, with the first one being an a cappella remix performed live using looping and triggering. The latter is song from Japanese Vocaloid producer Kikuo, who often makes quite creepy but weirdly compelling music, this one being no exception. Both are free downloads if you follow the links in the video descriptions.





And lastly, here's some dubstep made using a NES. Yes, a NES. The song is a free download on Bandcamp if you find it to your liking: http://chibitech.bandcamp.com/album/moe-moe-kyunstep




...Pretty eclectic mix, no?

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite
...Pretty eclectic mix, no?


Quite!  Not in a bad way at all though!  Thanks for the reminder, I had some Sub Focus bookmarked too.  Flamenco; a pretty addictive tune with a captivating (you guessed it!) Flamenco riff.


Scarecrow; it's got some old school feel to it, I've always picked up a bit of house and definitely some trance in it too.



And finally, I will admit..  I had no idea Sub Focus or TC existed before Gran Turismo 5.  Yes, the night racing effects trailer.  Well, with that out of the way, here's the epic song used in the trailer.  Borrowed Time - TC feat. Sub Focus.  For some reason, this song really fits for a racing simulator's soundtrack, in my opinion.  Anyway...



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Originally Posted by Capn Slow View Post


And finally, I will admit..  I had no idea Sub Focus or TC existed before Gran Turismo 5.  Yes, the night racing effects trailer.  Well, with that out of the way, here's the epic song used in the trailer.  Borrowed Time - TC feat. Sub Focus.  For some reason, this song really fits for a racing simulator's soundtrack, in my opinion.  Anyway...

I actually remember reading on Wikipedia that Sub Focus's music was used in GT5. I have the game, have had since release, but I must admit that I've yet to play it even once. My first Gran Turismo game was GT3, which never struck a chord with me at the time (wasn't really into cars back then I guess, not that I'm THAT into them even today). Then for some reason I did pick up GT4 and I was freakin' near-obsessed with that game for years (on–off). At one point I put a great amount of effort into trying to beat all of the driving missions and managed to complete all of them expect for the last one that's on Nordschleife. That one's so frustrating because they make you wait several minutes at the start of every attempt that I gave up on it. I believe I've even beaten all of the endurance races – only using B-spec, i.e. the AI driver for the couple of 24-hour races, might I add. Because honestly, who's gonna drive a 24-hour race by themselves? I know there are crazy-enough people out there, but I'm not one of them.


But to get back to GT5, I was super hyped for its release, but the development ended up taking so long that by the time the release finally came, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I did buy the game, but to date haven't yet gotten around to actually playing it. I'm sure I would love it, but I simply don't really have the time to play a game with such a huge scope as GT5 at the moment. Maybe one day though.


Didn't expect to be making an off-topic comment about Gran Turismo in a dubstep thread, but hey life's full of surprises. And for the record, I ultimately after a couple hundred hours got tired sick of the soundtrack in GT4 and noticed that the game's jukebox actually has classical music in it, it's just turned off by default. So I turned off all of the default tracks and selected the classical tracks, ending up listening to only classical when I played the game from there on. Makes the endurance races much more pleasant.

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Whats up guys. Hey amigomatt, I saw your post before you edited it and I don't know if your going to look at this thread again to look at this answer but I figured I would just give one anyway. Dubstep is honestly not for everyone but there is sooooo many sub genres that it is pretty hard not to like any of them unless you just have a hate on all electronic music in general. Dubstep is a genre of music that actually takes talent to mix, not like some pop such as Beyonce or Miley cyrus or other rubbish that just uses a TON of audio tune. I can't force you to like it and its very difficult to give you a solid answer about why you should like it or why other people like it. It is good to some people for the same reasons that you like other genres of music. Another reason that I am actually a victim to is the amount of bass that dubstep has. Some people can argue that a lot of rap or hip hop can have just has much or even more bass than dubstep but thats not the point. The point is all the other sounds and not just the same beat over and over and over again ( at least not in hard dubstep/brostep/trap) mixed in with the bass. But, I guess what I am getting at is that you either like dubstep, or you don't. Its all your choice. I hope this helped you out some. 
      Anyway, i also wanted to mention some of the stuff that Tj elite is posting. I really appreciate the sort of eclectic and obscure stuff. I agree with what capn slow said before me about liking all sorts of new stuff and its great not to here the same stuff over and over again as there is just so much more to listen to. Make sure to keep posting and I really appreciate all the feedback and new jams. Peace out.
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Good point Bassbanger101, thanks for the honest answer.  It can certainly be difficult to sum up what we enjoy about a genre, any genre, sometimes it just speaks to you.  TJ Elite, I definitely didn't expect a certain racing simulator to crop up either, funny how random topics arise.   Speaking of funny, I have two songs notable for their humor in a genre not really know for trying to be funny.  Many (dubstep) artists try to be as extreme and raw as possible in their songs, but sometimes a humorous touch is added.  Caspa's remix of TC - Where's My Money not only hits hard, it keeps the catchy lyrical conversation in piece.



And a remix of a remix (not uncommon in electronic music), Where's My Monkey seems to be a relatively viral phenomenon (in the UK) from a relatively little know artist.  At least to me.  Parker's profile/bio on Discogs makes his fame clear.  Like many artists, you can find him on Soundcloud and possible Myspace - more importantly, his site has multiple free downloads for many of his songs - including Where's My Monkey.  Out of all the versions on youtube, I prefer this one as it is a (fan made, hilarious) music video and it reveals the lyric's source.  Does anyone else recall from their childhood memories?


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Hello once again,

sorry for not posting in a while.

But here it is.

Sit down in your plush desk chair and close off the other tabs because today you will be glooed to this story. Its about the time when I went to a skrillex concert. This story is full dub step so if that's not your cup of tea. Go reopen those closed tabs and go update your FB page.

It was when I first learned about dub step, I learned many artists but one that popped out at me was skrillex ( update: I don't like skrillex that much anymore but hey hes cool and all)

Me and my friend who dormed with me decided we were going to check out his concert. I scoped Ticket master and found some spots for me and my Friend.

Fast forward the day of the concert I was deciding what to wear, it was either all black or I was going to shave half of meh head for my homeboy who was going to preform. I decided. BOTH!!

But yes Me and my friend walked in. it was like a vision thick fog was covering every where. Heavy bass was playing. And people were acting like they never saw others before. Some people were screaming, some were chanting "SKRILLEX SKRILLEX I LOVE U I WILL NEVER GO TO COLLEGE AND I WILL BE LIKE YOU", some people were fighting "NO I THINK SKRILLEX IS BETTER, NO I THINK HES BETTER" And just then I man walked in he was dressed with a suit and looked rather polished and dapper I was like "SIR SIR SIR ARE YOU HERE FOR THE CONCERT YOUR THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOOKS NORMAL!!" he stared at me for a moment paused and said "Son I hope you choose the right path in life, Because im here to get my son out of this PIG BARN" He muttered off talking about how his son better bring up his grade. I looked at my friend and said "we better find a seat" "I don't think there are seats here" "Why I asked the apra performances have seat?" I asked "This isn't an apra performance" I found out that its all standing room only. I squished against a fat man who smelled like Taco bell. I said "Oh excuse me" he only replied with  "This is goanna end with you eating me,Isnt it?" (That's what a packet says)  Just then "PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR THE MASTERRRR!!!!" skrill walked out to his little scrubing station and scrubbed and then shouted "I LOVE YOU GUYSSSS" and started dancing strobe lights were everywhere and dub was pounding. " EVERYONE PUT YOUR LIGHTERS UP IN THE AIR!!" Everyone took out there lighters and started waving it all around, the fat guy took out his spicy packet and waved it every where screaming "I CANT STOP WHOA AND I WONT STOP" as he squretied packets in his mouth. I slowly pumped puril in my hands. as I looked with disgust.  mean while I asked my friend "Does is feel hot in here?" "no why?" Just then "DUUUDE YOUR HAIR IS UP IN FLAMES!!" I screamed and a security guard heaved me up in front Everyone was screaming and skrill stoped dubbing. They laid me on the floor and said "WE NEED THE PARAMEDICS!" I started weeping softly and decided that I shouldn't have put so much hair spray in my hair that day (Its extremely flammable) And then skrillex came down and said "DUUDDEE YO HAIR IS LIKE A VISION OF A SONG I HAD,THANKS FOR INSPRING ME" he got up on stage and started to sing a song that we know today called " Park smoke". meanwhile I was rushed out of the room and my hair had to be shaved off but im fine now. :)

BUt the moral of this story is take a listen to Park smoke and tell me how it is.

Thanks guys

The nerd

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What's up guys, Sorry I haven't posted in a while but guess what. WE HIT 1,000 VIEWS. Thanks guys so much for all the great music that has been shared on this thread already and for all yet to come. Sense this is a special occasion I have decided I would post a producer that I have actually known about for a while. Mantis really knows how to drop it. 

 The flood is a great example of all the things that make mantis great. With deep ( but chilling) vocals make it seem like a mix between a movie trailer and hard, filthy dubstep. Another great drop by mantis is Ruthless from ruthless EP.

By now I am sure you are getting the picture. Mantis is epic. Great drops, great bass, and great vocals all make this artist comparable to the top producers like skrillex, datsik, and excision. Anyway, thanks for all the new stuff and make sure to keep posting. Peace out.

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