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Originally Posted by AsianBatman View Post

I see some Rameses in your list. :] Great chill edm. 

Moving On came on as soon as you said that! :jecklinsmile:

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Originally Posted by AsianBatman View Post

I see some Rameses in your list. :] Great chill edm. 

+10!!! Rameses is sucha legit guy. I once facebook msged him something silly & he totally replied w/ a legit answer!!! sucha real baller.

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Interesting, I discovered Rameses thanks to a post from wafflezz in the "Any audiophiles that listen to dubstep" thread, Stones ft. Holly Drummond:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbOeP8mUciI  By the way, the Monstercat and Au5 you posted here was epic.  Always on the lookout for that kind of stuff.

Edit:  How could I forget this one, found it through the Rameses song: The Two Friends - Your Song (SirensCeol Remix)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbHHo6y1gc4  Recognized it as SirensCeol immidiately, actually uses the same synth as "Fly" https://soundcloud.com/sirens-ceol/sirensceol-fly-original-mix

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Originally Posted by money4me247 View Post

+10!!! Rameses is sucha legit guy. I once facebook msged him something silly & he totally replied w/ a legit answer!!! sucha real baller.


Yeah, I actually discovered him just by randomly clicking songs on youtube :] from Rogue.



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I agree. Rameses B is a really legit guy. He has some great stuff on soundcloud. I just found him by clicking around soundcloud. Good stuff. I really like the mixed vocals. Forget itunes. Just go to soundcloud.

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Just thought I'd post this up, found it recently and reminded my why someone once said "It seems like everything Flux Pavilion touches turns to gold".  I know, sometimes Flux sounds a little brostep, but I generally like him.



UKF Dubstep has it too of course (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1VLaXoRRdk) but it's edited and cut like most of their songs.  I found this remix interesting because it sounds so different compared to the original.  Definitely one of the most altered remixes I've heard, but in a good way.  Actually the Freestylers aren't dubstep at all, check out their song "Ruffneck" (not Skrillex lol); a lot of their stuff is basically hip-hop,  breakbeat is a more accurate description apparently.

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Flux Pavilion! I have been waiting for him to come up on this thread. Talk about the master of remixes, its very rare that we find someone that is so good at it. Very true statement about whatever he touches turned to gold. In my opinion, the original freestylers song is not even close to as good as the flux pavilion remix. I don't really love the vocals of belle humble here but overall its still a good song. The synth line is also a little bit too repetitive for my tastes and makes it  sound more like a house or techno or like cap'n slow said."brostep". He definitely does pop up in ukf a lot. Such as " i can't stop"-flux pavilion. This song is still a little bit too repetitive for me as well but it is still pretty good.

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Sup my guys!
I read this thread and thought it was very well written a (besides some of the songs some people posted, hint ginger pubes and other stuff, I'm just saying lets give dub step a good name not a trashy one) but anyway so some of u can understand a little bit about my music taste. Lets start way back, I was in high school and my favorite music was techno/rap. But then one of my college dorm friends was blasting something across the halls I was like "doo dee doo just a normal day gonna go to me dorm and study" I locked the door behind me so no muggers mugged this tiny little college whimp. And started taking out my papers. My mom texted and was like "fool u beta do ya school so u don't work at MICKEY D's FOOOLLL" and I was like "yes mamma" but anyway just then I was scribbling out math problems when it happend WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB an the bass dropped so hard I think my little pasty pale self with nerd glasses got shoved against the wall. I was like "what's all this rubbish fool!" As I pounded down the door. And a guy who looked similar to me answers I was like "oh hey man" "hey" he looked at me and said "yes nerds can like dubstep too, want to have a listen?" But long story short he scrubbed and made is own dubstep by mixing songs together, now that I look back the quality was terrible and the bass was very muddy but I still got the adjust of it. We competed artists i found out about a few new artists. But anyway that's how I found out about dubstep but for my personal likes of music here it is!
Awalnation= Sail (sure this is not dubstep but shoot it up with some heavy clear bass and I will listen to it daily)
Elle Golding= I love any of her songs. ( I saw @bassbanger101 was suggesting a few songs by her so I approve!!!)
Skirllex: I like his songs but sometimes I think it's an over kill all the beats and dropps are just getting regular.
This is just a taste of what's my favorite but if anyone can give any suggestions I would appreciate it!
I love hard dubstep
With clear (but a lot) of bass
I'm not a huge fan of vocals in dubstep but its okay if their is some.
I'm new to this website I came because I'm a huge headphone fan, and bass (I love subs!)
My motto: keep the bass high and clear and I'm there.
Peace guys
Also nice thread @bassbanger101
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Whats up guys. Hahaha, iamyofutureboss. Thanks for the support. Make sure you keep posting. Also great story by the way, I love the background info. About what you said about recommendations. Make sure to check out my fist post about swagga by excision and datsik. There are some modulated vocals but the bass is certainly hard and heavy. Also make sure just to check out datsik and/or excision themselves. Unfortunately for you most of there songs have some vocals but the bass in them is pretty much unmatched by most other dj's. I would also recommend looking into some of your favorite dubstep songs bass boosted but make sure you listen to someone who actually knows what they are doing otherwise the bass will be very muddy.  


I recommend this, Dub king- modestep (bass boosted) :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT3t06gYsJM and

Skrillex-make it bun dem(bass boosted) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIMrlaTJ9H8


I hear what you are saying about skrillex. That's why his music is generally put in the brostep genre because of his emphasis on the beats and drops. I would still recommend checking out the teaser tracks from the album that will soon be coming out in his new album. Here they are


Scary bolly dub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbRn-UYzyfE


the leaving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_8xfmxea2M


the reason: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoTp-TaOf_0


I hope this stuff was helpful and make sure to keep posting on this thread. Also try to get some friends on this thread as well. I am trying to get it as popular as possible. peace out!

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I can't say that I listen to a whole lot of dubstep. That being said, I have nothing against the genre either, unlike some people seem to do. I simply think that there is an awful lot of absolutely horrible dubstep out there, like there is of all other forms of music as well. I much enjoy it when talented artists I respect use elements from dubstep as part of their music, but lately I've also discovered a few songs here and there that have proven me that "purer", full-on dubstep tracks can have high artistic value as well. I've heard some experimental artists use elements from dubstep in their music and I would much like to see more such explorations in the future.


To offer a few selections you're unlikely to have heard before, here are a few tunes from the Japanese Vocaloid scene.







SizzleBird's One World album I also like a lot, even though I find some of the other stuff I've heard from him to be quite mediocre.


SizzleBird - One World





Also, I wouldn't consider this dubstep myself, but it's simply too awesome not to share. It certainly does draw inspiration from the subset of "step" genres though.



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Hey again guys,
Thanks for all the song recommendations. Very much appreciated. @bassbanger101 I took a listen to your suggested beats and I loved swagga, thank you for introducing me to them. If I was walking down the street and got stopped by mr Obama himself and said " now young man, you seem like a very demographic part of society, with your studies in one hand and keys to a energy efficient sport car, but I have a question, if u had one word to sum up your life what would it be?" (Hope you included mr prezs classic hand motion while reading that) I would reply "we'll mr Obama my one word to sum up my life would be SWAGGA!!!!!" But no, @bassbanger101 thanks for the songs I also enjoyed listening too dub king (yes There is vocals but it was over all good) and I Have heard of "make it bun dem" but did not know a bass boosted version of that one existed; before I clicked the link I thought to my self "this bassbanger guy has to be kidding me, a bass boosted version of THIS? It's like me writing a letter to the toughest guy saying "hey want to fight?", it's impossible to win. This song is the best. Adding more bass would sound like skrillex and Damon gong choking on churros, but nooo the nerd himself was wrong and bassbanger was right. It was amazing. Ahhhh when a nerds happy he is happy. Just sit me down with my little Sony headphones,Mac computer, sipping a tall freshly brewed............water. And it's TV dinner time for me. But now on to the next (but I do have to add does anyone else notice the meat in the TV dinner to be always cold no matter how long you microwave it?) okay I was just messing.
But on a seriousness note now on too TJ
Thanks for the recomdition but I think the bassbanger was more right with his recomditions but I gave them a listen and they were good I guess it's one of those things I need to get use too. But ya on that note.
Thanks again guys...
The nerd
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Whats up guys. I haven't done a song breakdown in a while so here I go. A little while ago when I made the post about Ellie Goulding remixes and I had said I would be doing a song breakdown of a rather unknown song. Unless you have played test drive unlimited then you are unlikely to know of it. The song I am talking about of course is Under the sheets- Ellie Goulding (Jakwob Remix). The original song is just another one of Ellie's hits but the jakwob remix is rather unknown. Its like finding a rare diamond out of nowhere. The synth lines and modulated frequencies are simply unbelievable. I honestly believe that they are among the best I have ever heard. Along with those synth lines and frequencies is Ellie's amazing  vocals. Jakwob really did a great job of mixing in dubstep sounds into this song but still keeping the feel of the pop song with a dubstep edge. In my opinion that really fits Ellie Goulding's music (check out my Ellie Goulding post for more on that). I am also a fan of a less repetitive synth line so that each song sounds more like dubstep and less like house or techno and that is exactly what Jakwob did here by mixing in transitions using lows. The lows here also give the song depth and it feels like it is attacking your ears from all sides. Each frequency is done right as well and none come across as annoying such as the frequencies in," My name is skrillex". If you want to check that out then go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AmJX4zUrUA . I also really think that jakwob is not recognized enough for this as it does show a LOT of mixing talent. The bottom line is, great song with great sounds and great transitions and of course we cant forget about Ellie's amazing vocals. Make sure to keep checking this thread for new song breakdowns, recommendations, and upcoming albums (hint;skrillex's new album is rumored to come out sometime this month). I hope you guys enjoyed. Check out the links below for places you can listen to songs mentioned in this post. Peace out.



Ellie Goulding-under the sheets(Jakwob remix) :https://soundcloud.com/yobbin/elli-goulding-under-the-sheets-jakwob-remix 

                                                                                                                                                                          (best quality)


Ellie Goulding-Under the sheets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCgX7-80qEM


Skrillex-My name is skrillex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AmJX4zUrUA

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Ahh the nerd is here; i am ready for what today will take us,i got my combover, my white golfing polo and startched jeans, and my pasley print tissue is folded neatly into a triangle placed lovingly in my pocket.But the question is are YOU ready?! You better be because #1 this is going to be a long post & #2 im suggesting a song to u guys!
But first lets talk about this song I'm going to suggest to you.
It's called: Whiiite & Schoolboy - Houdini (Calvertron Remix) [Dubstep]
Here is the link:

But anyway this song is pretty good. My favorite part is around 00:54. It goes like this.
My golf partner is like "ahh son, how about you play some music while we get whole in ones" the elderly man says with his aged wrinkles face and monocle pressed against his one eye (WHY IS IT ONE EYE?WHY ONLY ONE? WHY DO YOU TREAT THAT OTHER EYE WITH SUCH CRULITY?LET HIM SEE THE BEAUTY TOO!!") and his stop watch with the gold plated chain hanging out of his steamed white shirt to time me.. " im like sure "here let me see what can please your stubbornly old mind that shuns teens that listen to music over one decimal" (well I thought it I didn't say it because I'm a well behaved part of society, you know the one you see shopping and helping the over age of 65 grabbing cans of cat food off a tall shelf, and loading groceries into their car that smells like tomato soup and cats) but yes yes anyway
I turned up Whiiite & Schoolboy - Houdini (Calvertron Remix) and he was like "ahh my boy such a well little lad" fast forward 45 seconds later he jaw dropped to the floor as he experience the sudden change in the song. He ran to our golf cart and grabbed his cane and said "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT FOR LYING TO THIS MAN,YOU SAID YOUDE PLAY CALM MUSIC!!" I'm like "psh a cane so what?" He's like "not cane a sword fooool!!!" As he uncovers the top of the cane to reveal a shiny sword with a diamonds studded tip; he stroked the tip as he murmured something about how his dad was excellent at stocks and had so much cash it was coming out the floor boards, so he playted everything with diamonds.but that's not the point. Just then I begged him "NO NO IM NOT READY TO GO,I WANT TO MAKE INVENTIONS AND WANT TO BE A MISSINARY SOMEWHERE,NOOOOOO DON'T DO IT DOOOOOOOO- bob, Bob, BOB! Wake up its okay its okay shhh it's okay" I woke up sweating "it a dream" joe said (remember the dude who introduced me to dubstep...he's back! Say hi to my brother from another mother) joe said its "okay man" I looked around and said "Okay Joe okay.."
But the story was ment to show u the sudden change of the beat in the song at first very classical almost (my momma would be proud) but then WUUUUBBBB WUUUBBB WUUB. So it's a pretty good song but not the best song. And that's what im going to do...find the best dubstep song..ever created on this planet....
The nerd
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Enjoyable vocals. 


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Thanks for sharing the tunes everyone.  I love the eclectic spread of music in this thread; discovering new music is one reason I'm here.  TJ Elite, I really appreciated your point of view, and of course the music.  I admit, it would be unlikely for me to find those short of random searching; I encourage everyone not to be afraid to post the rare and unusual.

Thanks for reminding me about Dub King, Bassbanger.  I remember when I first heard it, thanks to a member of Headfi actually:  My Gift To Bassheads! Can you top this song's extreme bass?   It really deserves an imbed here, so...



There we go.  If you like Modestep's harder songs, I recomend Dubby Jonny, particularly the Dubstep Tutorial series.  The first (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkYhneTczXo) and last (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll6j8MVHwDI) of the three-part series are destined to become a classic track in my opinion.

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