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New IEM any tips?

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~Hello people ! First, sorry for my poor English , I 'm an Albanian guy who lives in the Netherlands . I now live in a residence for people with autism , and I have the classic variant, but I 'm on my way to life on my own in Amsterdam soon. Now the problem is that: I bought an LG 9.1 because I always thought (stupid me) that surround sets provide a much more pleasant sound than in ears or headphones. And also, the walls of the the setting where i life now are insulated well and it's not cramped. But i'm going to live in Amsterdam West, and i saw my home, it's a noisy mess I love music and I love to sleep with music . So i put my 9.1 LG on sale and hope that i can get at least € 400. But now my question is , I would like to go on in ears. When I travel by train , I use an old Nokia device with Microsd and I plug it into my Bose ie2 . Honestly, I 've got this iem almost 2 years and i'm done. I want better sound. The Bose souds not that awful, but i want sometings better. These are my noise requirements : A good bass , though it comes from a subwoofer ! High sounds that hit you , and very important in classical violin. And a great voice sound as if you feel that it is live . The best soundstage that there is true 3D from 2 ears . Durable quality, I want to move forward 5 years with this iem anyway .. I myself was thinking of the following ... Ultrasonic I.Q ? Shure SE535 Red? KEF M200? I want to be around € 500 itself , but if it is more, and it's worth I like to hear it. What is a must ?

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Hi Kajon,


Welcome to Head-Fi!  :smile:  Sorry about your wallet.  :o


I would suggest the Fostex TE-05, which should be coming out soon.  Here is some more information about it:



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