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Hello from Italy

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My name is Max Morra and wanted to introduce myself to you
 I almost 47 years and I write from Italy ... I listen to a lot of music almost exclusively through my headphones hifi system is as follows:
Headphones system
Source: Nova NCD1
Amp: WooAudio WA5-300B
Classic plant
Dial-Up: Technics SL1200 MKII
Source: Mcintosh MCD301
Amp: Mcintosh MA6300

 Speakers:Klipsh Heresy III
Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 Airtech/Sony MDR-CD3000 AKG K1000/Hifiman HE-6/Beyerdynamic DT990 customized

 Thank you all for your attention and I apologize for my English is not perfect

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Welcome. With your setup you will feel right at home.
Just watch out for your money...this website will suck it dry
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Welcome to Head-fi



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Welcome!  Please feel free to contribute to this page:

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Welcome. You had nothing to lose by joining because you're probably broke already. :tongue_smile:


What sort of music do you listen to? Do you use certain models only for certain genres as I do?

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 Thanks everyone for the welcome ;)

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Originally Posted by CharlesC View Post

Welcome!  Please feel free to contribute to this page:

Ok I'll look good as soon as I can and I will try to recommend some good album :rolleyes:

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