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For Sale: Stax SRM-252S (BRAND NEW)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: US 50 States

I just bought this a few days ago from, specifically to use with a pair of Koss 950's and Stax SR-307's ... and upon listening for a couple days with my SR-307's, things sounded so damn good that I've since decided to sell all my dynamic gear and go completely electrostatic. No kidding. Just sold it all this week here on Head-fi...


Anyway, fully committing to electrostats and all, I went ahead and invested in a more expensive SRM-323S amp, as I think this will better serve me in the long haul.


I will be returning this new SRM-252S amp for a refund but thought I'd try and sell it here in the next few days first as one, it would be less complicated than the refund process and would give a fellow head-fi user an opp to get it at a little bit of a discount.


The amp is RIDICULOUSLY good sounding. I mean mind blowing good for it's initial cost and size. It would make a great supplemental amp for anybody thinking about checking out electrostatic headphones. Reputable source say it sounds just about as good as the larger, more expensive 323S amp but the latter is more capable of driving a wider variety of ear speakers.




This amp only has about 2 hours of use on it. And has the power supply appropriate for USA voltage.


$420.00 gets you the amp. That includes any PayPal fees and also the cost of shipping.  I payed 450.00 myself, which is the going rate at and Stax USA ... FYI.


Amp comes in all original packaging and with all purchase receipts, etc.


More information at Stax USA: SRM-252S at Stax USA


I'll only have it up for sale here until my new 323S amp comes in, which should be in the next five or six days I'd reckon, and so let me know quickly if you want it.


NOTE: if you buy it, you'll need to wait a few days till my new SRM-323S comes in before I ship as I will be using it till the new amp gets here (since I have sold all my dynamic gear and would have nothing to listen with).


I'll post pics of my own amp in a bit ... the one above is simply a placeholder.




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BUMP (cause it will only be here for a few more days) ... 

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New SRM-323S will be in sometime over the next few days; last chance to get this before it goes back to the vendor for a refund.


Make offer if you want it. 

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Sorry. Returned to vendor. Thanks for the late interest and reminding me to close the listing.

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