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I came here a few years ago seeking headphone advice and was directed toward the Equation Audio RP21's.  I have fairly well enjoyed them over the years but not the plastic portion of the head band is cracking is most likely will not be long for this world.  I tried to contact Equation directly and got no response.  I then contacted a local music store that was listed as a dealer/repair facility on Equation's website.  The owner told me he got a call from them one day a while ago and said that the RP21's are done and they will be coming out with a new can and they won't be selling or repairing RP21's anymore.  He has not heard a word from them since and he also can not get any response from the company.  It looks like I am stuck seeking out a new can.



Full sized

Reference quality sound (I don't like cans imparting characteristics on my music.  I want to hear what the recording engineer intended.)

It should work well without an amp.  (I have one on my main computer but not elsewhere)

Closed backed (I use them primarily at work)

Portability (I liked the fact I could flatten my Equations but my new cans need not necessarily fold flat...just become more compact in some fashion.)

Long cord (I like the long cord on my Equations and how I can wheel around my office with them on and hit up the filling cabinet or my drafting table.)

I do go to LAN parties and do a bit of gaming with them.

Budget of less than $200


I have been reading all sorts of reviews and threads and there is just too much to get through and I get tired of having to become an expert on everything.  I just don't have the time.