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Hi everyone,

I am a newbie but have been following Head-Fi for some time.

I have recently purchased a Stello U3 DDC to use with my laptop, via USB, and an iBasso D12 Anaconda portable DAC/headphone amp.

The Stello U3 works great, however my WireWorld Ultraviolet 7 USB cable is a very tight fit into the Stello's USB Jack.

On using it today, when removing the USB cable from the U3, the metal pins of the USB Jack were forcibly pulled out and one has sheared off.

This is quite upsetting, given the high build quality and finish of the U3.

I would like to ask whether anyone else has experienced a similar problem with the U3 and how I can get this fixed. I purchased direct from a South Korean eBay seller. I have contacted the UK distributor, igloo audio, but have been informed that they do not perform repairs, and was advised to email April Music. Are they likely to respond and offer to repair the unit?