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Got new headphone, V-Moda M100. How to properly power it?

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I just bought a pair of vmoda m-100 and currently running Titanium HD sound card along with cheap pre amp for eq, http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-802-Premium-8-Input-Preamps/dp/B000J5XS3C


From what i understand, the titanium HD have decent dac so I am looking maybe just get an proper amp? I am a super noob and just want to utilize full potential of new headphone

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The M-100 can be run on a normal iPood actually.  Anyway, to narrow yr field of search, are you looking for desktop or portable? Price range? SIze?

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the m100 fine w/o an amp & in my own personal opinion does not really scale up that much w/ a lot more expensive gear.


i would stick to under $100 amp/dac & i think you're chill.


personal opinion of course.

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budget is around 300 USD. If I would to spend that much, would i have noticeably different compare to the DAC in titanium HD? 

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*shrug* ymmv. if i had $300 to blow & i was heart-set on upgrading my amp/dac, you can find very nice mid-range amp/dac combos at that price such as the Schitt M&M (modi/magni) @$200 vs JDS o2+odac combo @$280 vs Matrix vs Yulong etc... or portable dac/amps such as the audio dragonfly 1.2 ($150) vs Fiio E17/E07K ($80-120ish) etc...


you have tons of options in that price range. how much of an impact on your sound is debatable though =S


you can find a lot of threads about different options:




i personally would love to throw down $300 on the project ember tube amp. looks really baller. however, that kind of equipment probably won't improve the sound of the M100 that much as they are already designed to be able to be driven by the the 3.5 jack laptops/smart phones. also, w/ $600 (M100+dac/amp), you can get a pair of entry high-end luxury headphones, so I dunno how much bang you'll get for your buck haha.


edit: my set-up (found w/ some sales) ended up to be $424 and I am pretty certain it'll outperform M100+anything. for $600 you can get the HD600/HD650 vs AKG Q701 vs HE400 + a quality dac/amp (such as the M&M). I would really invest in more equipment if you plan on getting some more high-end headphones in the future. the scaling potential of the M100 isn't that great imo, so the improvements will be limited by the headphones drivers themselves. no need to spend $300 on external equipment for $300 headphones when your headphones is the main factor in determining your sound quality.

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