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Schiit Mjolnir amplifier background noise

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Here is my setup:
Custom made desktop -(via USB)- flow audio dac 1.3 - Schiit Mjolnir - balanced 4 pin xlr cable - lcd-2 rosewood

My problem:
HUGE background noise. Totally random buzzing with peaking highs sounding like an alien trying to communicate with me (perhaps it really is an alien?) I am powering the schiit mjolnir with the stock cable into some random crappy $6 dollar power strip (ewwwwww.... I know) At first I thought that this was the problem, but I plugged it into a different outlet (completely unused and nothing else plugged into it) and the random noise got WAY worse. Maybe 2–3x louder and more annoying. Do you recommend I go out and buy myself a nice power condition ($500-600) or should I spend less maybe ($200). Also is it possible that the problem is actually the amplifier itself?

Also when my system goes into playing a game (100% power usage on all 3 graphics cards) the noise gets ALOT louder (to the point where it is all I hear with muffled lyrics behind it) this is obnoxious and really makes games or anything gpu intensive (video editing,rendering) annoying and unusable.

I can listen to music and I don't really hear it very much (when my system isn't running on 100% power) But during quiet parts or music that in general just isn't very loud it is extremely distracting and makes my $2000 dollar audio setup feel very lacking and cheap. frown.gif

I have narrowed down the problem to either being my power or my amplifier.

Please help
Thank you
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Sounds like it could be a ground loop. Schiit says "Try a GFCI to isolate the ground."


Here's a thread about it.

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Thank you for your help!


I tried my setup on a GFCI circuit, and the result was dead silent no background noise.

Absolute perfection!


Thank you all!

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