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Presonus HD7 same headphone as Superlux 681B?

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Was checking out equipment on L&M and came across these Presonus HD7 headphones for $58.99 CAD. Did a bit of research on them and in the comments on this youtube video a person says they are same headphone as Superlux 681B. Is that correct?





The OEM of this headphone is Superlux, which sells them as the 681B for 33 dollars."





$58.99 CAD




$54.99 USD




Superlux 681 $30.90 USD

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HD681 are one of the best headphone available. Not for the price, but just one of the best. Easily can be priced at 300 dollars in sound quality, maybe the build leaves something to be desired but I think the point is you can smash them and grab the next pair out of storage and keep going.


It is true that Superlux makes these HD7's. As for which model they are, it is hard to say. Just buy the Superlux HD681, not the 681B or any of that. Break them in for 100 hours to tame the highs a little and it's perfect.

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I am looking for the answer and appears that buying them at $36 will be the solution to find out if they sound the same as my 681b or 681f or the 681 (681 cannot be purchased in mainland China at this time).

I will let you guys know in a few weeks when they arrive.


Well they arrived and they sound very good on the SL spectrum. They are burning in but first impressions are that they are the 681 Burgundy NOT the 681b.

I will compare them in a weeks time.


Revision 3:

The HD7's appear to be an OEM of the 681 Burgundy Red Ring Classic Version 1.0. They sound better than the 668B and better than the 681F and 681B. The 681x have a more balanced, recessed and reticent soundstage. More delicate. The HD7 more up front, more harmonic compleatness to instruments, vocals are more full-bodied and present and move half a step forward.

Possibly the best sounding can in the original SL OEM Clones and original SL line, excluding the 681 Nulls which I cannot find. That is why I got the HD7. No 681 in my country.
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