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Dear friends,

until a little time ago I was a rather satisfied user of an ODAC+O2 combo driving my Sennheiser HD600 at home. I mostly listen to concerts (piano and viola my fav instruments, Gould, Argerich and Maisky my trinity for that :o). Opera, pop (mostly 60, 70 and 80s), jazz (bebop to cool) and world music my other fav genres. I never found electronic or hard rock/metal and their brethrens suiting my tastes.


I am getting oldish and feel very well my hearing is not what it used to be (it was VERY good) and even have a few acuphenes :-(


I like listening to music in the quiet of my house and the closed cans are needed to avoid bothering wife and kids when I have insomnia at night and wish to hear music.


I also like to have closed to isolate myself from a very noisy open space at work. I put on my Glenn Gould playlist and can concentrate thinking and writing my stuff.


Portable music is not something I'm too interested in having.


Have opened a thread on closed cand and some forum members very kindly gave me good advice which at the end led me to consider buying a single cord MrSpeakers Alpha Dog.


The dilemma I am facing is about keeping the ODAC+O2 combo at least for now, will it drive the Alpha acceptably ?


There's a guy (I live in Italy) selling a 6 months old SCHIIT LYR + BIFROST incl. UBER ANALOG Upgrade + USB GEN 2 Upgrade + Pyst RCA cable and he's asking for 850 euros (I know the same new combo costs 1000 US$ but the experience when you add S&H, VAT and import tariffs is that for things I buy from the USA to Italy you can safely approximate 1US$ = 1Euro).


I wonder if this combo would drive the AD significantly better. I don't like to hear my music very loud but since some of the music (esp. classical) had a lot of dynamics I sometimes need to raise levels to follow the quiet parts. I also strongly dislike any source that produces noise and must say both the O2+ODAC and also a DYI valve DAC/Ampli I bought on ebay with a special powers source that weighs around 8 pounds lol, are dead quiet with no hums or hisses.


So go for the AD and keep O2 or I would not be expressing the AD potential well enough to warrant the expense (would then consider a lower tier between Mad Dog with Alpha cups, AKG K550 or Senn Momentum).


Hope my bad English still enabled you to understand what advice I'm seeking.


Thanks in advance