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Hi there!


So, I accidentally dropped by Brainwavz B2 while picking stuff from my jacket pocket and well, I am now looking for a good replacement. I loved the B2 because of the clarity and detail in sound (I'm always looking for the hidden background noises in songs, so there's that), but I would like to know if there is something better for about the same price (around $130 to $150 in Amazon... although I found the B2 with a Fiio E11 combo for $150). I mostly listen to a nice mix of metal, rock, electronic, and podcasts on my Nexus 4.


Any suggestions? I mean, I saw that the GR07 Bass Edition might be nice, but well... =\ undecided!




PS. Forgot to mention that I had a previous pair of B2 but the cables kind of broke after 6 months of use... so I'm afraid of that happening again, seeing I live in freaking cold Rochester NY and they could get brittle.

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