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got three but not one is 100%

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Ok reading reviews and peoples opinions,

I bought 3 Headphones to decide which I like  :



Vmoda M-100

Sennheiser momentum


They have all been burned in for 24+ hours


Im using Ipod 3 gen  and Zune HD


I cant say there is one thats a 100% keeper

first and foremost I'm not an audiophile but I do enjoy listening to music and want it to sound good

and for the avg price of $300 none of them scream Im worth keeping ,but Im trying to find one that out preforms the other


I have an assortment of music Ive been listening to  Joe Bonamasa Black Crowes,Disturbed ,Amos Lee, Shinedown, Five finger death punch ,Kenny Wayne Shepard,etc so you see my music as all over

all music is at 320 .mp3 format




The NAD headphones are clean spacious ,vocals are forward, instruments are in place but lack they lack low end (punchy bass)

comfort level is good .the cushions do get hot after about 30 mins


The M-100  the mids and highs roll off too much for me ,kind of a narrow sound path ,bass is there almost too much kind if muddy

comfort level is excellent


The Momentum very clean mids vocals forward and present  , level highs ,lows are there but need to be maybe very so slight punchier

Comfort ,every time I put them on i have to make sure there over my ears or they sit funny ,where as the other headphones I dont even have to think about placement


So I guess what Im looking for is any Ideas on other headphones I can try or what other people think

I like the clean spacouis sound of the NAD  but would love more punchy bass in them almost like the way a 8"sub sounds not low but punchy


there going to be mostly home /office but may travel with them


thanks for reading and hope to see some ideas

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I hate to say it but, try an amplifier with an LOD out from your iPod. Often headphones lack a real sense of bass punch when they don't have enough power. 


Or what you could do as well, is I owned the ZUNE HD, I upgrade to an Hifiman HM 601, with the HM 601 I noticed a MUCH better much punchier bass from my headphones. THe hm 601 is about $150 used. You could sell you ZUNE HD, and the M100s and get your self a HM 601 and a head phone amplifier like the JDS Labs C5. 


I think with a better DAP and amp you should get the bass you want out of your NAD. I used a Fiio E11 and JDS labs cMoy with my DT 880 back when I had the hm601, and again zune HD vs hm601 same amp same headphone, the HM601 had a much pucnhier deeper bass 

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