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Grado sr60 or Sr80 for portable source

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Hello ,
I am writing you from Bulgaria,I am 
interested in Grado Sr series. I haven't used them until now because they are not available in my country.I can't try them, but from reading the musical forums i agree they are really good.I want to order from
amazon.com - model sr60 or 80. Also from reading I understand that sr80  have much better bass, but for hearing from a portable source better choice is sr60 . Do sr80 needs  stronger power supply? Is that correct? I see that their both specifications is the same. Will I have better bass with sr80 if it is powered by a portable source or sr60 will sound better ? What do you think about the model iGrado? The most important for me is the sound quality, not the comfort and the design. I usually listen rock and metal music! Thank you!

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The majority if not all grados have similar power/driving requirements. I have only owned an sr60i so I cannot give recommendation on which one is better.

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See the official answer from Grado Labs-info center:


Hi, the SR60 and SR80 are identical in terms of efficiency.
Both are the same on a portable device

the SR80 definitely has better bass


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Power is the same. When you can actually hear the bass on 80i, it will sound better. But the treble on 80i usually overpowers the bass, so practically speaking 60i has better bass. To increase the bass on either, use L-cushions.

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I had the opportunity to demo 90% of Grado's stuff at my local audio store. In my opinion, while they can both be driven from an ipod equally well, the 80 felt a little dry compared the the 60 in my iPod, when thrown through a proper amp, the 80 wins out, but the 60 is what you're looking for.


PS: look around for someone selling a Grado on the For sale forums, guarantee you'll get a much better price since you're not in the US.

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