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Did a search and did not see anything on this announcement.   Glyph is a prototype virtual reality system that is being advertised as headphones with 3D video capability.  Take a look at the design:



What is interesting is that the headphones do not appear to need the headband for support, which means they will have some clamp.  I'm wondering how comfortable this could be for long listening (virtual reality?) sessions.   What is interesting is that the company is touting this as a normal-looking headphone with VR capability as opposed to a VR display with sound, so that one could wear these around audio-only and not be as conspicuous.


I have not heard these, but looking at their prototype which has the video part separate from the audio part, I recognize the headband from something I own -- the Monoprice 8323:


Looks like they 3D printed their own earcups and attached them to the Monoprice headband.  Dan from MrSpeakers should watch out!  :)