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Hey guys I need some help on deciding which of these headphones I should get. I am going to be using them mostly for music listening around the house, and some travel. I will also have them hooked up to my PC for gaming for this sound quality is important to me, but these again will be mostly for music. I am looking right now at 3 different Audio-Technica models ATH-m50s, ATH-PRO5MK2s, and ATH-PRO500MK2s.


I am leaning a little towards the PRO500Mk2s at the moment because the seem to be built a little more fore music listening rather than just monitoring and they also come with the shorter cable option so I don't have to carry around that long cable all the time. I've heard nothing but good things about the M50s though and the Camo PRO5Mk2s are more in my budget and similar to a pair I had years ago and loved. I just want your opinions on which I should or shouldn't get thanks in advance.