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Looking to buy this as a gift for my little brother. Uses will be for at home and car rides. More specifically:


  • MUST be circumaural (around-ear, not on-ear!)
  • Comfort preferred over sound quality (as long as the sound quality is not terribly worse)
  • Should have noticeable bass performance (will be used mainly for Electronic/Hip Hop/Pop music)


These are for my teenage brother - he's not an audiophile, but can recognize that his Skullcandies suck right now. That being said, I would prefer something in the $30-50 range, max $60.


So far I'm considering:

  1. Sennheiser HD 419
  2. Creative Aurvana Live! (not sure if these are circumaural?)
  3. Audio-Technica ATH-M30


Is the $60 CAL! worth the extra $20 over the HD419/M30? I would also appreciate any headphones that would suit what I'm looking for other than the ones I listed. Once again, comfort is preferred over sound quality (unless a noticeable improvement).