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For Sale: FS: JH 16 with FreqPhase

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For Sale:
FS: JH 16 with FreqPhase

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,


I have with a JH 16 with FreqPhase purchased & received 24th of March 2013 and currently the first owner of this fine custom in ear monitor and in excellent condition with no visible scratches to my knowledge. This JH 16 when not used is usually kept in a metal case similar to JH IEM case to protect from any damages. The metal casing as per picture attached can be provided free of charge if you do not have any IEM case.

The BA drivers are in full working condition where no channel imbalance is heard with a total listening time of approximately 80 hours.


I have listed 2 items prior to this but managed to sell it off locally but if you need verification of my track record, feel free to check my profile at the local Malaysian forum (Lowyat) at


I am willing to ship anywhere as the price stated does not include paypal fees and shipping. A general guide of shipping price via from Malaysia can be located here which can take approximately 3-5 working days with tracking at


However, if you wish to use a different shipper do let me know and we can work it over :normal_smile :

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I would like to purchase a product. I live in the Republic of Korea can purchase there?
If you can purchase what is, including shipping? I want to continue the payment by Paypal.
I look forward to hearing from.
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Listing reopen
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Sold, thanks for the replies

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