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Quality iems under $50?

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Hey Head-Fi forums!

About a week or two ago, someone unfortunately stole my Sony Mdr-xb30ex, which were my daily drivers.

As the title of this thread asks, I need some help finding a quality pair of iem's under $50... I'm limited to a $50 bestbuy gift card I recieved 😂

I prefer to have the iem be able to wrap around my ear to eliminate microphonics.

Some genres I listen too are hip-hop, alternative, rock, indie, classical, pop.
I prefer the iem to have very forward mids over bass, but bassier iems are fine as well, seeing as my old pair of iems were very bass heavy haha

Thanks in advance everyone!
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Have you done some reading at this thread?

You can find hidden gems there, if you look carefully. 

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I suggest the Vsonic VSD1

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