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New Over Ear Headphones?

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Hey guys I'm looking to buy myself a Christmas present and I was hoping to upgrade my $30 IEM's to over ear headphones. I have up to about $100 to spend but I can go higher if i need to.  I'm not an audiophile by any means but I do listen to music a lot (mostly metal/hard rock) and like it too sound good.

I would like:



  • Over-ear (I can settle for on ear if necessary)
  • Good Noise Canceling for plane rides and car trips to block out the engine noise and my parents :p
  • Decent bass, not too much but a nice "kick" on the bass would be nice



  • Bluetooth would be a nice touch but if it really decreases the audio quality a lot then I'll take wired. (I don't care about slight audio differences.)
  • Built in microphone would be nice but not necessary by any means.
  • Looks decent :P



Any Suggestions? If I think of anything else I'll be sure to add it too the post! Thanks for reading!

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The V-moda crossfade might be good for you. I've never heard them but they should meet all three of your needs and also has a microphone/remote on the cable. Bluetooth destroys audio quality. It's especially useless for over ear headphones because they're so big anyway that a wire doesn't make so much of a difference.


There are tons of other options though. But it's a nightmare buying headphones without hearing them first. Try to find a store around you that will let you demo them if you can.

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