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Hello Everyone,


New to the forum and a newbie to headphones.  While I understand there are a lot of gym headphone recommendations out there, the problem is they are all earbuds which I never really took to.  Therefore, I am looking at on ear and over ear only.  I don't do cardio or crossfit and therefore I won't be moving around that much but realize getting down and up from the bench or doing push ups will cause movement.  I don't sweat much either so not a concern there.


The three most important items are sound quality, noise isolation and for the headphones to stay in place.  So, I was thinking that closed headphones would be best.


I know some people only think ear buds are the way to go when exercising but I am interested to changing it up because as I said, I never really liked ear buds.


I have been looking at Noontec Zoro and really like the look, the reviews are good and it is a smaller size.  Not sure if the sound quality is that much better in the HD then the non HD (any experience anyone?) as I am not interested in the mic aspect since I will only be using the headphones with by Scandisk Sansa Clip+.  Looks like it is mainly sold through Amazon, eBay and Noontec website.  The Hammo is quite a big bigger but wasn't sure if anyone had thoughts on that model as it is pricer as well.


I don't want to limit myself to Noontec and hopefully some people here can give me other suggestions.


Appreciate all the help I can get.