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Mrs. Tradja likes the new Lepai LP-2020A+ --> Mission MS-50 rig in the living room of our new apartment, but has asked for FM tuner capability.  I pitched the idea of a vintage full-size tuner (for example, a NAD 4020A or any one of the hundreds of others on eBay), but this ruins the compact aestheic and portability of the rig.  (This job requires us to live out of our suitcases and move to a different third world metropolis frequently).  We are not looking for a streaming source solution - many local stations in these locales do not stream. I've found several compact emergency-oriented radios of suitable attractiveness for Mrs. Tradja, but they are mono.


I prefer to keep the LP-2020A+ amp, so the Lepai LP-A68 is not a suitable option.


Ideally, I'm looking for a budget FM stereo tuner with line out -- or heck, even headphone out -- that allows manual tuning (not just FM scan) that is similar in scale to the Lepai.  Vintage is fine.  Bonus points for a tuning knob (vice buttons).  I even thought about wiring up a funky car stereo head to a power supply.  It seems like there should be hundreds of things like this on eBay and Amazon, but I cannot find any.  The simpler the better.


A budget/Chinese/Hong Kong take on something like these would be ideal:




Ideas?  Thanks!

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