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I really haven't been able to find many recent articles on the quality of music streaming services. I'm wondering which ones offer the highest quality stream and most features for the money in your opinion. I'm currently trying out Spotify Premium, Sony Music Unlimited Premium, and MOG free. I don't know which one offers higher quality streams. Music Unlimited offers 320 AAC, Spotify is 320 Ogg Vorbis, and MOG is 320 MP3. Which format offers higher quality?


I wish that Music Unlimited came with a desktop client, as I actually like having a player separate from the browser, especially since Music Unlimited saves settings as a cookie, and if they get cleared so do my settings. Music Unlimited's web client is also a little buggy on Safari on my Mac. I do really like being able to listen to music from my PlayStation 4 and Vita though. Spotify has a pretty nice desktop player and a huge catalog. I also like it's mobile app better as it's actually been redesigned for iOS 7 unlike Music Unlimited.


What's going to happen to MOG in January I am wondering as well. Has anyone read if they're going to keep it around or is it going to be fully replaced by Beats Music? I would like to hear from MOG users though as to how the Primo version is with the mobile app and everything.


Also, is there any lossless streaming service available in the USA similar to WiMP that I don't know about?