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Closed Headphones Help!

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Hey guys! I need some help on which headphones to get. I have been searching everywhere and am still unsure of a decision. My genres of music are indie, rock, alternative, electric, trance, classical, folk, reggae, jazz, just about EVERY genre besides country and metal. I would like closed back because I plan on using them on planes and car rides so good isolation and no sound leakage are bit required. I also like a full sized around the ear headphone. Not much of a fan of on ear. My budget is $400 but I honestly expect to buy used from Amazon or ebay so giving recommendations based off of those prices in used condition are great too! I really need a nice strong low end to give a nice full body in the Lower range and just about most importantly and really nice mid range. Not just an accurate smooth mid range but a full bodied mid range that is really present and give a really relaxing laid back thickness to it (which is why I'm probably getting the shure se535 or um3x for my iem setup) like when listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers (soul to squeeze is a good song for example) or jazz or really anything with thick instrumental notes and a smooth vocal enhancement for male vocals. Sorry for the long read. All help is extremely appreciated! Thanks!(:
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have you checked mad dog?

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Yeah I have done some research on them and I just don't naturally feel right buying a headphone that is THAT modded(weird I know) and additionally from what many people have said it has factors that don't match what I need (hear the mid range is all right, no isolation, etc) it by no means seems like a bad headphone but my honest feeling is more towards a headphone more known for all out quality on lows and mids, again why I plan on getting one of those 2 iems. Although I'm still up for some more research on them, thanks! Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Bump. Really need some help! :/
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I don't know if I would travel with top line closed phones... most seem to offer less isolation and more bulk as you move up the scale performance/price wise.  You also didn't mention if you are going with a portable rig of any kind (DAC/amp or just amp) or planning on staying direct into a phone or laptop.


On-Ear vs Over-Ear vs Something-In-The-Middle seems to be more and more difficult to predict as manufacturers keep material costs down or attempt better style/fashion.  I will argue strongly that ultimate sound quality should be considered as a second or third priority behind portability and comfort, because if they aren't easy to pack and easy to wear, what's the point of attempting to drag them around with you and leave them on your noggin for long rides...


Having said all that, I would go straight from a phone into a V-Moda M-100.  Can be had brand new at your budget with room to spare, warm and punchy bass that really brings most of your preferred genres to life, mids are not recessed so I think you might like them.  I stayed away from them for a while because I assumed they would be too bass heavy for me as I lean more towards an audiophile sound than a DJ sound, but I bought them recently and love them because of the build quality, sound quality and workable comfort for me (I have big ears, so they don't quite go around for me but still decent with XL pads).  The case and folding joints are awesome, and a big part of the value proposition.  I am not sure what else are as easy to travel with but offer even better sound so maybe others will chime in here..


good luck.

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Oh, right! For my source I plan on using an iPhone 4 and a fiio e12 or e17 (I might get a decent DAP) later on. The v-modas get some good praise and I love the design and like you said it seems like a nice portable for the range. Now I don't mind using big headphones on the plane. Though I probably wouldn't go to far like the w1000x or xb1000 but I honestly wouldn't mind bringing something even around denon sized. I have heard on the vmodas that bass tends to run the whole show but I could be wrong. I'll get some good reads on it and see if anyone wants to pitch anything to compare, thanks Greggo!
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