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M-Voda M100's on Nexus 7 v2013

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Hello everyone!!


I just changed jobs and my journey's to get home have got a lot longer and I been hunting for a nice powerful tablet (already found) and with that I am after decent pair of headphones and all I been reading about is the V-moda 100'S.


I am in a bit of bother because of my past experiences with headphones sounding better on different devices, My HTC one with pre-loaded beats audio drivers sound pretty good on standard Solo's, but when I plug them in my Xperia Z phone, they don't sound as good, only recently I found out about installing the Beats drivers on android devices. I am not a audiophile, but I listen to music about 3-4 hours a day, and I am willing to make a investment towards gaining a better experience on my journey's home. 


So my question to you guys, would I get the best audio on my Nexus 7 v.2013 with a pair of V-moda's? Do V-Moda restrict drivers unless they are specially downloaded on a device? Beats do that.


Would I get the intended sound on the V-Moda's on a Nexus 7 tablet?


Am I missing something? or not taking in anything in consideration?


Really eager to get your opinions.





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@kamil, it sounds to me what you are complaining about the different internal soundcard/dac that different devices use. You should look for an external DAC that works with android devices. the $150ish e18 is a portable dac/amp that is designed to work with android smartphones. there are many other cheaper external DACs that you can use. The Hifimediy Sabre Android DAC is a very good option of such a device at $30. You can also use other usb dacs w/ a usb-to-mini-usb adapter.


beat drivers will not make your sound quality better. I've actually found that usually using 3rd party audio drivers w/ "audio enhancements" rather than your standard drivers can cause distortion or sub-par audio experience. I personally turn off ALL audio enhancements & on-board EQ for all my devices.


final note: for the best audio experience, get better source files. 320kbps mp3s are solid.

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