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Best Headphones for Rock/Metal?

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I was looking at a few different headphones, 300 or under.  I mainly listen to bands like Avenged, slipknot, and all that remains.  I was wondering which of these would sound the best.  I was looking at the V-Moda M100's, AKG q701, DT990's. HD598's, Soul Combats, and the AKG K701's.  Any suggestions?

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i have the AKG K701 that i use with my Schiit lyr and find that for rock or metal the phones are lacking fundamentals...the bottom part is kinda thin...I also have some westones W3 that i use with a cowon Z2, and the W3 are much better for metal...I am looking into electro for rock/metal...maybe the hifiman he500 or mayve audeze lcd2...I feel that the 701 are better for acoustic music and chamber classical...

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Grado 225i? Maybe 325i


Sennheiser 25 I II


Both of which are more aggressive in their sonic than many of the aforementioned. Grado's really do get the guitar tone down perfectly for that fat rich amped sound. The Senn's are bloody quick and aggressive for metal music.


V Moda M100's are not really a metal can as far as I have heard, more along the EDM lines. The Sennheiser might be too laid back. AKG's have not much bass slam or power if you are into that kind of thing.


None of those bands are recorded all that great compared to some other better fidelity Metal music. I don't think you need to break the bank to do them justice.

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I prefer the SR60 over the SR225 for most metal. I found the SR225 too narrow and sharp. I didn't like the K701 (too light and wide) nor the DT880 (too prone to sibilance) and now enjoy the HD25-1 II, Teufel Aureol Real and Sennheiser HD600 most for metal. The Teufel Aureol Real isn't very popular but I think a lot of people would love that headphone if it had better exposure to the enthusiasts here. :) It sounds just right for me with most metal genres. Nothing is lacking or exaggerated. Too bad they look a bit fashionable. 


EDIT: the best headphones I ever heard for metal are the Mr. Speakers Mad Dog (closed) and the Hifiman HE-500 (open). 

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Originally Posted by Roronoa View Post

Grado 225i? Maybe 325i


Sennheiser 25 I II



Good recommendations, the 25-1 II is great in that price bracket. I preferred it to the cheaper Grado's, although for these genres they're no slouch either. Only caution for me for the Senns is comfort - the clamping force was too much for me to take (I wear glasses) so they had to go. My brother who doesn't wear glasses and has a narrower head has no issues with them.


Best headphone I've ever heard for these genres, as far as my ears go at any rate, is the HE-6.

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