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For Sale: Ray Samuels Raptor (black)

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For Sale:
Ray Samuels Raptor (black)

Will Ship To: CONUS

I've been officially converted to electrostats and am selling my dynamic stuff to clear up some desktop space for my new Stax amplifier/gear.


I've been the proud owner of this very excellent dynamic tube amp for about five years now and it has functioned flawlessly. It has the upgraded toroidal power supply and is in perfect working condition. Cosmetically, it is in good condition with a very small ding on the corner of the right/front of the power supply. I will take detailed pictures shortly and update this post once I do so.


$650.00 covers Amp/assortment of tubes/tube dampers/upgraded fuse/Paypal fees/Shipping


Also, the amp will come with a very nice assortment of 5687 and 12AU7 tubes, all of which are in NOS to semi NOS shape, having at most, 100 hours on them.


Tubes included:


2x Tung Sol 5687

2x RCA Black Plate 5687

2x Sylvannia Gold Pin 5687


1x Brimar 12AU7

1x Brimar (nylon base) 12AU7

1x Amperex Bugle Boy 12AU7


MISC. Included:


1x Synergistic Research Audiophile fuse

1x set of tube dampers


(the tube list, above is from memory, there are a couple more that I can't recall the names of that will be included; I'll update this post in a bit).


As mentioned, I will be adding more photos to this post in just a bit to better show the tubes included and the general cosmetic shape of the Raptor amp.


Thanks for looking

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Pm sent.

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FYI: for now I am only interested in shipping to CONUS 50 states. This is simply for reasons of it being easier for me to handle the transaction and also because I ship via a company FedEx account and FedEx is expensive outside of the US.


My apologies to any internationa/Canada interests. Should I have difficulty selling over time, I will perhaps become more willing to entertain Canada/international shipping.


Item is still available ...




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PM Sent.

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Sale pending.

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This is sold. Thanks for the interest...

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Wow, that went quick :P

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