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ATH W3000ANV, exceed L3000 & w2002&w5000,it’s the best HP ATH have ever made, I love it!

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I love W3000ANV,not only the appearance but also the sound.

Why I love W3000? The critical point is that it have both highest sound quality and greatest moving musical. W3000ANV was made For 50 years anniversary of audio-technica, I think the perfect sound of W3000 tell me , audio-technica is a great company, a company who really know music!

When I put it on my head, I’m amazing. I feel sound like the sun give bright to the earth., so beautiful sound! The clear sound is so vivid like a sunny princess. I can clearly hear any detail in the music. Its warm(not over warm) and transparent. It's warmer than w5000 and A2000X. So the sound is more moving than W5000 and A2000x. But ,its not warm than L3000, L3000 is too warm, warm and thick like ED9. So W3000 has more detail, especially high freqency detail than L3000. I like W3000ANV more than L3000.

As time goes by, ATH make their progress. W3000 seems like a HP which can control the air. The sound seem naturally and smooth. Compare to FOSTEX TH900, the similar point is they are both warm sound, not cold like DT880, GMP450PRO. The difference is W3000 make sound more ease than TH900, TH900 seems a bit hard and excite than W3000, I can listen to W3000 many hours and feel ease, but when listen to TH900, One hour later, my ear will feel tied. W3000 is so natural, compare it to HD800 and ED10,I will find HD800’s mid range a bit thin and ED10’s high range have some sound harsh shining like metal sound. Compare to W1000X, I find W1000x’s low range too loose and excess quatity. D7000 have the same problem, like W1000X, it has excess low range quatity.

L3000 and ED9 have the same feeling to me , They are too thick, too powerful in mid and low, so the width of the soundstage will be narrow and high will be dull. It seems every music through L3000 and ED9 will be too thick.W10LTD is mostly like L3000, it’s the economic HP to choose when you can’t afford L3000 or can’t find L3000 in the market. But these old ATH HP will be defeated by W3000 in resolving , they will lose the information in the music. Even A2000X can easily exceed L3000 in resolving ability.

Any detail you can hear with HD800 and ED10 will also be clear with W3000ANV.W3000 do better than them in musically and balance. The sound of W3000 is more pure than HD800,. For example ,When you change the wattgate381 socket to furutech gtx-d socket, you will feel sound be more pure, Because gtx-d use more pure copper than 381. The more pure the material took, the more pure the sound become.so as W3000, It use 7N (99.999997%)OFC to meke its voicecoil  so it give me more pure,nature,smooth sound than other HPs.

W5000 has a problem, it sounds too thin, lack of enegy and muscle, so I can not use it to listen to all kind of  music. But W3000 defeat it. W3000 is an all-round player, it can handle all kinds of music.  W2002 is more beautiful in appearance than W3000, but it sound too soft, especially in the low frequency.So I can hardly listen to symphony with W2002.W3000 is far more better than W2002.The human voice through W3000 is first give me a very real 3D impression then also beautiful! W3000's sound  is very very balance.

The sound stage of W3000 is amazing, as a close HP, it give me no close feeling, it sounds more open than T1,. W3000 is one of the best Hp to enjoy classic music, it is good at make a large soundstage. I feel the sound stage very width, the sound like go out of my head.  The instument will not be too near or too far. The distance is just perfect.( STAX 009's soundstage is too close to my head,like instrument is play between the my ear.) So I like the soundstage of W3000 very much,  W3000 can give you a wide range sound so every instrument become real! Thank to the ultra pure quality, in the symphony play , there is no impurity in my ear! I feel the music full of emotion and magnificent, I can not help myself to moving in deep my heart. I want to cry! How did they(engineer in ATH) made such a masterpiece! They are really the human who master and love music in deed! W3000 is not a HP as a tool! W3000ANV has its own life! It’s the best HP to give me living music! W3000ANV, I love you forever!


More Photo Of W3000ANV:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_40f078a90102edj3.html

All my hiend headphones:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_40f078a90100cw8a.html


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yep the w3000anv is a special can.
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Indeed.They didn't mess around when designing their 50th anniversary flagship headphone.
However, this particular AT headphone requires some decent equipment to be feeding it else you won't know how much awesomeness this headphone is capable of... The other AT classics such as W11jpn & W10vtg on the orther hand, sound good out of almost anything, even direct out of a mobile phone. ☺
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