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Good Portable Headphones $200< ?

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Hey guys.


I currently am rocking Sennheiser HD 558's, Samson SR850's, And ATH-M50's.


Literally every comment I get about wearing any of these headphones to school (Mind you, this is just for studying outside by myself) Is: "God, those are ugly" or, "Why are they so big". Once I let them hear them, they usually shut up. Also, all of these are open back (except the m50's), so people can sometimes hear like the drums of my music and stuff. Also, I can hear everything people are saying, and it is so annoying. I have ADHD-PI (Primarily inattentive, essentially ADD, but they're now grouped as the same thing) ANYWAYS, Yeah.


I recently saw the Sennheiser PX 360's at Best Buy. I tried them on, and they're amazing. For starters, They have the best passive noise isolation I've ever heard. Also one of the best sound stages I've had in closed back headphones. I also loved their sound. They had warm low basses with crisp mids and bright, but still crisp highs. Also, they're $50 on amazon and come with a carrying case.


I like these, however, I am just kind of.... eh. I mean.... They're $50, but they sound really nice. Anyways, I'm open to other suggestions as well. 


Please please Pleasssseeee leave any other good portable headphones that you have tried down below.


Music I listen To:

Electronica         (Goldfish, Gary Newman, Mainly Synthpop)

Techno              (Kraftwerk)

Classic Rock      (Queen, Talking Heads, B-52's, The Smiths, Blur, The Beatles, The Doors, Etc. Mostly 70's-80's fun stuff)

Some Classical   (Usually Holst or other band/Orchestral pieces)

Pop                  (Maroon 5, Lady GaGa, Lorde, LMFAO)

Indie Rock        (Vampire Weekend, Foster the People)







No IEM's 

Preferably Closed Back


Don't look terrible

Decent Sound Stage

$25-$170 Preferably, Possibly up to 200







If you have any other non portable headphones you think I'd enjoy, Please leave more suggestions, Thank you!

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Oh, forgot, I also own Grado SR60i's

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v-moda m80 is very highly regarded here in head-fi. And i personally love them.

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closed, portable, & stylish (so the meanie kids at school don't make fun of you), I think the AKG K545 at $200 from razer dog would suit you. black/turquoise is pretty killer.


logitech pro 600 is $100 or less now & the white version looks quite sexy.

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