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portable HDD?

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I know some members use portable HDDS I currenty have  a Seagate desktop prepackaged. thats shows up sometimes &  sometimes not, I have heard that prepackaged drives are not  reliable as proven true in my case was hoping for suggestions for reliable

portable HDDS.


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I don't understand what you're saying. When you mention prepackages you're referring to external hdds just plug and play?

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I'm talking about plug & play I've heard that the ones you have to assemble your self are more reliable I'm having to constantly having to unplug & plug in because windows is non't recognizing on start up.

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That was true years ago, it doesn't matter anymore. Western Digital, Seagate and others offer their own branded external hdds. Their names and credibility are on top of every product they sell. It's more possible to have USB related problems...

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thanks for you replies

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