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Stax SRM-323S & SRM-727II

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I have just received my Stax 507s.  I've read that the 323S is considered the best of the Stax amps.  However, I've read that a modified 727II is considered a better amp than the 323S.  I'm not very handy, so if I would have a 727II modified, I wouldn't know where to go for this.  So, if I had a choice between the 323S and the unmodified 727II, would the 323S be a better choice?  I'm looking for a solid state amp.  In what way would a modified 727II be superior to the 323S?


Since I've read that the 507 is bright and the 323S is clean and neutral, I assume that I would need to EQ the 507 to some extent.


Can anyone recommend any EQ software programs for a Mac?

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I have the 507 and don't think it is bright, though you are right: that is what most posters say. You'd probably be better off posting this in the High-End forum under the Stax III thread. Good luck.

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Also, would an unmodified Stax 727II be fine for a 507?  I'm on the fence between a 323S, 727II, and a 717 (I have budgetary limits).  I'm not a DIYer so wouldn't know how to modify a 727II or know how to check on an older 717.  

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i have a 323s modded with larger smoothing caps(panasonic 370uf400v fit straight in bypassed with 630v.1uf polys) and the alps 50k removed and replaced with a stepped attenuator DACT ct2-50k-2 and it is sublime with SR 507's.The 323 is perfect to my ears and it was easy to do apart from re-bushing the twin action vol knob

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