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In-Ear monitors help

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Hello Head-fi,



Looking for guidance with finding the right IE monitors for me. I travel quite a lot and often have 14-17 hour plane flights so a little noise isolation wouldn't hurt. It will mostly be used with my Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip and I will occasionally be using it for LAN parties or bigger tournaments so directional sound is a MUST. I will be using it with a Beyerdynamic MMX300 over it, which should give quite a bit of noise isolation in that setup.

I'm not sure what to buy though.. Been looking at the Sennheiser IE80 Headphone and the Earsonic SM3 V2 so my budget is 300/400 USD - I can turn the budget up for a Custom molded IE if it has better directional sound or just a much bigger improvement.


Would like to have it before New Years so i guess I'm in a bit of a hurry




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