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On ear for $40 USD

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Looking to help a friend make a purchase on what would most likely need to be on-ear phones.

(Possibly over-ear, though I know they are typically more expensive.)

She's looking to spend around 40 dollars and the only phones I've actually

owned within this price range are the Koss Porta-pros and Koss DJ Pro100's


She's into things like Break Core and Fantasy/Power Metal and is hoping for some decent bass.


Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you much.

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Look at the JVC HAs500. They do well in a variety of genres, it's a steal for around $40 in my opinion. 

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Look at JVC HA-S400 and S500. I tried S500. It's fairly clear with a fun V-shaped sound. Bass is acceptable after considerable burn in (70-80 hours). It really tightened up, probably because carbon nanotubes are more affected by heat. Stock pads are fine, and she can buy Sennheiser HD25-1 velours if she prefers them.

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