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Hello guys,

I bought the cypher labs theorem two weeks ago and I meet problems of interférance when I branched it to my iphone 4s. I hear the interferance directly in my headphone sennheiser hd 650.

This is very unpleasant. How do I fix this problem please?

In addition, I would like to increase the bass and treble for a better sound. I can do this with my desktop amplifier nad c315bee. Is there a solution for that ?

Must I download an equalizer application on the apple store or connect my theorem to a portable amp? If so, What application do you advise me on the apple store?

My goal is to have an equivalent sound to my desktop amp nad 315bee.

And finaly, Which apple product and what version works the best with theorem ? Ipod Touch, ipod mini, iphone....?

Thank you very much for your reply.