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Hey guys I need some help.  I am looking for some IEM for college student with Mac comp and Android phone. Looking to keep it less than $150.  I have a older pair of Westone and really like the sound.  I listened to the Shure SE215 and it is ok,  seems a little too much bass and missing some mids and highs.  I liked the sound of the A Jay 4 but can't seem to get them to seal well.  The A Jay 5 has the Android buttons but have never listened to them or know if they will seal in the ear.  Any help?  Thanks

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I would suggest the Vsonic GR07BE. You can get it now for $130. Here's a comparison between the SE215 vs GR07 from a forumer who has both:


I have both and the Shure don't even come close. The SE 215 are good for what they are, fun headphones for people that want a warm, not critical listening. They are outclassed by the V Sonics on pretty much everything, is not even a contest. In fact, they are not the best in their price bracket, and in fact even headphones that are cheaper, like the Dunu's Landmine, are better. Of course, personal preference plays a huge part in our selection, and you might prefer the Shure's sound signature. So they are not better but you might end up enjoying them more.
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Thanks for the reply.  Do they only come in the over the ear?  There is a  new model and one with more bass?

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I can't find these for less than $179.  

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You can wear them cable down but ideally its supposed to be over the ear. Its easy to do that because it comes with cable guides.


The first edition was the GR07, the second edition is either GR07MK2 or GR07BE (bass edition) but its really not extra bass, it's more full sounding in the mids as well.


You can get them here for $130 with free shipping:

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Thank you very much, I just ordered.

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Leave your impressions!

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Ya, I would love to hear your impression too. You bought the BE version?

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