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I noticed that the previous thread on InEarCustom is locked.


I am posting this as an update to my experience (your experience may vary) that I want to share with the rest of the Head-Fi community.


I had my W3s reshelled by InEarCustom earlier this year. There were delays, communication issues, etc. which have been discussed at length on this forum.


When I received my IEMS, one side caused some pain. In my communications with Rob, I explained the problem and he suggested a remedy that did not solve the issue. I thought I was going to have to live with it, or sell the IEMs and chalk it up as a lesson learned.


A month or so ago, I found the clear molds that Rob makes as part of the reshelling process and decided to see if those caused pain as well. After a lengthy wear, I found those to be very comfortable. So I emailed Rob explaining my situation and asked whether this can be fixed. One side had also developed a static, most likely due to loose socket connection.


Rob was willing to fix the problem no questions asked. He told me to send the IEMs and said he will fix them. The pain was only on one side - the same side with the static, and I thought about asking only that one to be remade. But when I wore the clear molds, I felt that the other side had a better fit as well, so I asked Rob if both sides can be remade. Again, no problem and he said he will fix them. 


Fast forward several weeks later, I got an email from Rob asking what colors I wanted, stating that he had some new options. I took a look at the photos on his facebook and decided on a new combination of blue/red with carbon fiber cap.


The IEMs arrived yesterday and I am extremely pleased. There is no pain, and they look sharp.


I know Rob has been bashed - justifiably so in many cases - but I wanted to provide an update to my experience.