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Hi everyone!


I have been reading about portable amps recently, and I am very intrigued to incorporate one into my setup. This is the best place I can think of to get some help in choosing the right one (preferably something with great imaging/soundstage representation).


Right now I am using an iPod classic 5, Sennheiser ie 80 iem with toxic silver cable - ordered from Frank (on that note, would I need to use an LOD cable with silver, or something warmer with copper to balance the toxic ie 80 silver cable? or does it not make a difference). 


I find the DAC in ipod classic 5 to be very nice, so is not so necessary to get a portable 'amp with dac'. However, I have looked at the Vmoda Vamp Verza, and supposedly it's dac is quite nice, comparable or better then ipod classic 5's wolfson dac?...can't get a definitive answer when looking online.


Right now the contenders in my list are:


Headamp Pico Power
Vmoda Vamp Verza
Portaphile 627
Fiio e17/e12


Please any help is appreciated! :)



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