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Dear all,

I recently purchased a digital-digital converter for my DAC. It is a second hand JKSPDIF MK2 (USB/SPDIF converter). Ther version is the one with a BCN output, the problem being my DAC only have a coaxial rca input. Now I am thinking in the best way to connect both devices.

One possibility is to use an adapter bcn-rca, and use a rca coaxial cable, it would be very easy to do. Other possibility is to change one of the F-conectors of a 75 ohm attenuator (o-20 dB) from bcn to rca (w); and the last I can think of is to fabricate a cable with one end bcn and other end rca.

Since I have no idea about impedance matching on digital signal at all, ai would like to ask you for advices: which solution is the best? What do I have to take care? I am sure I can find a bcn-rca connector fairly easy, but not that sure about the f-connector and neither regarding the cable.

And second, does the attenuator help with the impedance matching? Wikipedia says so, but I do not understand how.

Best regards,

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