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Choices between lots of Sennheisers

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Nooooo, I just literally spent close to an hour and a half typing this message, because English is quite hard for me, and when I submit my message I was automatically logged out and everything disappeared, I'm feeling really bad right now.

OK, let's type it again.

I'm sorry but I think it's going to be a bit briefer this time.


Dear everybody,


When I listened a few years ago to my first non-apple headset, I believe it was the Shure SE215, I felt in love with all the detail and extra stuff I heard. Since then/m I see myself as somebody who really appreciate a good sound. Despite of this I didn't bought a new headset when my dog ate the Shure's, simply because I never listened to music outside my house, besides in my car, anymore. But since a few weeks I'm working at home at nighttime and I can't really enjoy my speakers without waking somebody up. So I went looking for a pair of headphones, read many reviews and decided to go for the DT 990 PRO. They felt so amazingly comfortable on my head, but I felt they didn't give me everything they offer without an amp. So I went for the SRH840, my second choice. But they, I thought a long time on how to say this, didn't gave me the 'wow-feeling' I had when I first heard the SE215's and after a while they don't feel comfortable anymore. 


So I was basically back to where I began, read lots of reviews and watched comparisons on Youtube and decided to go for the Momentum, but then by accident I found a place where I could buy them with a discount and they are offering a few other models too, I list the models with the price I would be paying and the cheapest I can find them anywhere else in the Netherlands + discount%:

Sennheiser RS 220 €240 - €399 40%

Sennheiser MM 550-X €215 - €339 37%

Sennheiser Momentum €165- €275 40%


There are a few other options, but after the research I did I think they are all inferior to the ones above.


Sennheiser Amperior €165 - They aren't available anywhere else anymore.

And the Momentum on ear for €110 - €199 44%


Could you guys please advise on which one to get, I'm still not sure after all the searching.


As I said I will be using them for listening to music while working, this really helps me concentrate. I'm alone in my office room so I won't be bothering anybody with open backs or something. The music I listen to varies very much, from Eminem to Chopin and everything in between, but I have to admit overall my listening hours weights heavily to top 40 and rap songs. I would prefer to not have to use an amp. The source is ~always Youtube because of the very easy way of listening to all kind of stuff and the recommendations on the right. I've tried Google music and .flac files but I always end up back at Youtube. In my PC there is a Asus TUF Gryphon Z87 motherboard with its integrated ''sound card' and it has a S/PDIF and 3.5mm jack connection. In the same room there's also a 7.2 Onkyo receiver, I don't know which model exactly, but I could look that up if that's important. If I'm getting a wireless one maybe I could connect them with S/PDIF and get better quality?

It would be nice if I could use the headphones in an airplane, but if this would compensate on sound quality it isn't that important, if they would be the same exact quality I would be willing to pay extra for the ones that you could use in the plane though.

It is also important that they will stay comfortable with multiple 3 hour shifts.


Hopefully I didn't let anything out I had the first time. If you made it this far, thank you,




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Originally Posted by Keijzer View Post

The source is ~always Youtube because of the very easy way of listening to all kind of stuff and the recommendations on the right. 

Hi, I'm no pro and can't give you advice on the specific models (even though Momentums look like a solid choice, especially for the prices you quoted) but Youtube is a very bad source to enjoy music - their song bitrates are unacceptable  in most cases. If you look for clarity and resolution and "wow-feeling" you won't get it on Youtube even with the highest-end cans.


If you like to listen online, looking for a big database of songs, recommendations etc try Spotify Premium. They have a free subscription but Premuim for 10 eur a month gives you a streaming service of a very decent quality.  

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From what I remember, SE215 is warm sounding. It might help if you explained what you liked about it besides the detail. I'm supposing you're purposely avoiding open models because you didn't list any.


I was pleasantly surprised by both Momentum and Amperior. I would describe Momentum as much warmer and all-encompassing than Amperior, and Amperior as clearer and cooler. I'm impressed by what Sennheiser accomplished with Momentum. It sounds to me as if they attempted to copy from HD650 in a closed model. Be aware, though, that Momentum might be uncomfortable if you have large ears because the earcups are shallow. Amperior could need to be stretched out for several days to lessen the pressure on the outer ear.


One closed new headphone I've read about which you might like if you want warmth and ease of amping is NAD Viso HP50.

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