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So I have come to a point where I have an option to purchase AND reshell both the Kozee Infinity X1 Executive and the 1964-T for a grand total of $500.  However, upon opening up my calculator I found that buying new of both items (with a 2nd gen 1964-v3 to boot) would put me at a total of around $630.


My question is, is it worth getting the 2nd gen 1964-v3?  The other potential trade-off is that my reshell plan for buying used is from InEarCustoms, which seems to have somewhat better quality than Kozee's stock shells, though potentially not as solid as the shells by 1964 Ears.


At this point an additional $150 or so doesn't make a difference; these will be lasting me years and years anyways.  As I write this I am convinced more and more to buy new, but I still would like a second opinion.